Hi! For those who don’t know me, I’m Anneleen. Some of you may already know me as the email girl ‘Anneleen from APICBASE’. In the #DearDiary series, I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of APICBASE and show you a little glimpse of how we are working hard to get the best product out there, every day again. This time, I’ll tell you what we did over summer.

#2: Summer breeze: new colleagues, new features, new partnerships

Expanding the team

In the beginning of July, two new colleagues joined our team: Tine and Glenn.

Tine is our office manager, but we like to call her the ‘Chief Happiness Officer’. She does take care of a lot of administrative tasks, but most of all she takes care after all of us to make sure we are happy employees. Besides that, she is a passionate foodie and she will even take real chef lessons starting in September!

Tine and her homemade pasta!

Glenn is the second newbie. He’s our senior developer and in charge of a lot of cool stuff that will make you, our customer, very happy. Of course, I cannot talk about what he does exactly during office hours as we keep our roadmap close to our chest, but I can give you some other fun facts.

  • Fun Fact 1: Did you know Glenn worked as an intern at Google to work on the Google Course Builder? It’s an open source platform to create and run massive open online courses. His work included extending the certification module, improving the administration dashboard and creating Course Builder’s configurable roles and permissions system.
  • Fun Fact 2: Did you know Glenn holds a certification in Machine Learning by Stanford University?

Cool, right?!

Expanding the team even further…and adding new features!

We also welcomed four students to work at APICBASE during the summer holiday. They all worked on features to improve the software. Meet Tom, Mathias, Evert and Timo!

Tom improved the food cost calculation feature in the cloud software, the system that collects all pictures taken with the APIC Studio and the place to manage your recipes. The food cost module enables you to calculate all prices from ingredients and personnel costs, on (sub)recipe level and menu level. Customers can now export all the details of their food cost in an Excel file to easily see where their biggest splurges are when producing a menu.

The second student was Mathias. He converted our old website into a new dynamic WordPress website. It is now very easy for non-technical people, like me, to create a new page on our website without the help of our developers. Besides that, Mathias has been working on a new registration and payment system to make it easier for new customers to get started with the APICBASE cloud software. This will soon be released!

Then we had Evert! He coded a new functionality in the web application to save multiple versions of one image. For example, if you take a picture with the APIC Studio, you can edit it with the implemented Adobe image editor. Let’s say you also want a black and white version of the picture, then it’s now possible to have several versions of that original image.

“The atmosphere in the office is great! Everyone is motivated and tries to learn from each other, even our CTO and CEO. I think it’s very valuable that we, as a job student, can work on a functionality that’s ready to go live for our customers in no time. It brings more responsibility, but it also gives more satisfaction to the job.” – Evert

Last, but definitely not least, was Timo. He improved the allergen & nutritional value feature of our software. Now, the nutritional values were meant to be manually added. This takes up a lot of time, but you will soon be able to look up the nutritional values for each ingredient in a catalogue and import them with just a click. Based on this, the nutritional values will be automatically calculated for each recipe.

Our team during the summer holiday.
Not the best picture, but definitely the best team!

New partnerships

Over summer, we had a lovely partnership with Dinner On A Lake. It’s the world’s first floating restaurant! Every week, a different chef takes up the challenge of cooking in a small kitchen on the boat to pamper the guests. In total, there will be 18 chefs, all young, innovative and creative. The first chef to use our APIC Studio was Thomas Gellynck, a young chef from Ghent with an own pop-up restaurant called Commotie. We love to support partnerships like these because it creates a platform for new upcoming talent to be innovative and creative. Take a look at the different menus of the different chefs here.

Dinner On A Lake

We also made a partnership with CHEF-SACHE, the avant-garde cuisine festival, taking place in Düsseldorf on 17-18 September. World class chefs will be giving the best of themselves on stage and the APIC Studio will be there to capture all their creativity. You can read more about our partnership here.

CHEF-SACHE will be the start of the fair season. After a calm summer, we’ve been planning on attending several shows between September and March next year. Do you want to come and say hi? Take a look at our event page to see when we are close to you!

New projects

Remember when I told you in the first DearDiary about the movie we were shooting with Michelin star chef Julien Burlat? Well, the final version is ready! The team has seen it and we are very proud of it. I really hope you will like it too! Although the full version will only release on 13 September, you can take a look at not one but two teasers!

Teaser 1

Teaser 2


While publishing this blog, Carl and I are boarding for Tel Aviv, Israel. We’re part of the Belgian delegation going on an innovation track organised by Startups.be. We are following the food tech track – duh! – and you will be able to read a daily review on our blog.

That was it, everything we did over summer!

Thanks for reading,