By Anneleen from APICBASE.

Hi! For those who don’t know me, I’m Anneleen. Some of you may already know me as the email girl ‘Anneleen from APICBASE’. In the #DearDiary series, I’ll be taking you behind the scenes of APICBASE and show you a little glimpse of how we are working hard to get the best product out there, every day again. This time, I’ll start by introducing myself. Curious if I made it through my first month? Keep on reading!

#1: My first month on the job: highlights – Still smiling!

On the 1st June, I started working as the new marketing manager for APICBASE. It has been a full month of learning, new experiences, meeting new people and already my first business trip! Read along to get a glimpse of the highlights of the month.

To Mum and Dad: read this completely to know what I’m actually doing 😉

First things first, what is APICBASE?

APICBASE is an Antwerp based company, that developed the world’s first compact photo studio dedicated to food photography. Besides that, our team also developed a cloud based food management platform to add ingredients to the pictures taken with the APIC Studio, automated allergen tracking, food cost calculation and so on. It’s a B2B (business-to-business) company, so our clients are (Michelin star) restaurants, food producing companies and caterers.

It was a real eye-opener to see how much planning and organizing is involved when running a restaurant or food company, from chef to suppliers to the sales team. At APICBASE, we make it easier for them to manage their kitchen or company and leaving them with more time for the fun stuff like actual cooking.

Commercial Kitchen Show, Birmingham, UK (5-8th June)

Talking about coming in with a bang, after only 2 days in the job, I had to organise our participation at the Commercial Kitchen Show, a Trade Show in Birmingham, UK. It was my first business trip ever, so I was pretty excited!

On Monday 5th June, Carl, my boss, and I drove from Antwerp to Calais to hop on the train to Folkestone. Once arrived at the other side of the channel, it was another 3,5 hour drive to Birmingham. Picture yourself being in a 2m2 box for 6 hours with someone you barely know (and he’s your boss!!), likes to talk a lot, and does not share the slightest bit of music taste as you do… Yes, it was a long drive, but eventually we managed to find some artists we both loved, like Coldplay!

When arriving in Birmingham, we checked in at the NEC to start building up our stand together with Miller, our director of UK Sales. We brought everything with us from Belgium: sockets, spotlights, our APIC studios, screens, tables, chairs, banners …


The show was a real success. In 2 days, we managed to spark the interest of a lot of visitors and we were voted as one of the most innovative products at the show by the visitors! In the final, we received the silver medal for our product. Whoop whoop!










Press release growth capital raise

Back in Belgium, I started preparing everything for the press release regarding our recent capital increase, led by BAN Vlaanderen (Business Angels Network Vlaanderen). Communicating with all different parties, writing and rewriting the press release… 😉 And the effort paid off! We were picked up by a huge number of websites and newspapers, like De Tijd, Datanews and Bloovi, which increased our brand awareness and resulted in some hot leads. #missionaccomplished

When I was talking to my friends at a birthday dinner, someone said “oh wait, it was in the newspaper!”. Funny feeling when your friends even saw it in the newspaper and remembered it.

My first big project

As I’m the marketing manager, spending the marketing budget wisely in order to generate the results I have to deliver, is a big part of my time. The great thing about working in a food tech start-up like APICBASE is that it gives me the ability to implement my own ideas. It’s really nice to have some freedom and work independently on a project.

One of the big upcoming projects (but you’ll have to keep it a secret for now) is a series of videos to tell our clients’ stories. On 4th July, art director Ian Segal and I visited Puratos, one of the leading companies in the bakery industry. We had a tour of the company and an interview with one of its top technical advisors Morgan Clementson. It was inspiring to see how our solutions have become integrated in their daily workflow and to hear about the value our products can bring to a large company. At the end of the day, we got a delicious freshly baked bread back home. Food is always the best gift, right?!


The second story we’re doing is a video with Julien Burlat, Michelin star chef, owner of Domestic bakeries and the previous owner of restaurant Dôme and Dôme Sur Mer in Antwerp. He’s also one of the co-founders of APICBASE and when I first met him I was completely (Michelin) star struck! Julien is very passionate about cooking and the life in the kitchen. When Ian and I went filming for the interview he showed us around behind the scenes in his bakeries. Super interesting! To film the process of baking bread, Ian went back the next morning to film…at 5AM – talking about dedication!

I’ve seen some shots that Ian took and – oh boy – he’s a very talented art director. Keep your eyes open! The videos are coming very soon.

image    image

















That sums up the main highlights of my first month at APICBASE. As you can read, every day brings something new. It’s a challenging job, where I have to put my knowledge to the test, but most importantly, I’m loving it to the max! The food industry is my passion and I could not be happier.


Thanks for reading!