APICBASE helps companies in the care industry making sure the right diet information per patient is available at all times.

In the care industry, patients are the main focus and they need the right food. This is where the APICBASE solution suite comes in. Standardising all recipes, keeping track of food costs and allergens, and saving time, leaves more time left to interact with patients.

The APICBASE software can document all information on all recipes offered in the care business. The software also displays allergens and allergen information cards are immediately available, which is crucial in a business like this.

Employees in the care business are expected to be very mobile these days. The APICBASE software caters to this mobile attitude. It’s all web-based and adapts to every screen automatically. This makes it available on every device with a web browser, including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

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A Complete Food Management Platform

Discover how APICBASE can help your company...

Stock management &
fast and precise Ordering

Generate bills of materials and send detailed order lists to suppliers. Get a detailed overview of what you need in terms of procurement.

Recipe Management

Build technical sheets with all necessary details and manage recipes in one location. Guarantee continuity in your business.

Point of Sales Connection

Connect with your point of sales solution to understandthe impact of sales on your ingredients, ordering etc.;.

Food Photography

Capture all your dishes, handlings and development work with a handy photo studio, available in your kitchen 24/7.

Monitor Margin & Cost

Calculate your food and production
cost and define your margins. Get full
costing reports by the click of a button.

Ensure Consistency

Create step-by-step guides in a visual way, allowing your development chefs to define exactly what needs to be on the plate. Making it easy for any kitchen to comply with standards.

Personnel Cost Integration

Calculate the personnel time cost per dish and discover the impact of handling costs, cooking time and plating time in one simple overview. Up to three different salary levels.

Nutrition Labels

All allergen information ready at all times, on all devices. Print official EU approved ingredient, allergen & nutrition labels.