APICBASE partners for the 4th time with CHEF-SACHE

CHEF-SACHE is the avantgarde cuisine festival in Germany. Organisers Thomas and Carola Ruhl and Fleet Events have built one of the best chef specific fairs in Europe. 

This year, the event moves from Köln to Düsseldorf, where it will present dozens of super star chefs on the 17th and 18th of September 2017

And just like the first time, back in 2014,  we at APICBASE consider it a privilege and an honour to deliver the best way to capture this gastronomy: live and truthful.

Where there's food, there’s... APICBASE!

This year CHEF-SACHE welcomes international world class chefs like Thomas Dorfer, Heinz Reitbauer (★★), Vladimir Mukhin, Esben Holmboe Bang (★★★), Paul Pairet (★★) and Duangporn Songvisava & Dylan Jones. They bring innovation and creativity from the kitchen to the show.

What makes those participating chefs -and the festivals promoting them- so amazing is not so much their proven skills in cooking – which is of course a fact – but that literally all of them transcended the basic idea of putting food on a plate. Today’s vanguard chefs are becoming more and more aware of their important position in the landscape of food. And now more than ever, they search for solutions to solve waste, to respect nature, to search for new sensations and even force their (precious) customers to step out of their daily comfort zone.

Chefs at chef Sachs 17

Our mission is to build to largest database of culinary excellence, so we make it our business to capture these moments of creativity and deliver high quality pictures.

Food art is the best form of art

Every year, the invited top chefs bring along radical new ideas about how to present food, how to think about food and how they see gastronomy evolving. And the best of it all: live and in front of your own eyes! Remember for example Chef Grant Achatz who presented his brilliant tablecloth menu, in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience.

With the APIC Studio we can capture all this beauty in just a matter of seconds so everybody can remember it for a lifetime.

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