De Serre
Tech lab for the restaurant sector

APICBASE is a proud partner of De Serre

De Serre (“The Greenhouse” in English) is a restaurant and business lounge in the city centre of Antwerp, Belgium, located next to StartUp Village. Even more, it’s also a tech lab for the restaurant sector. Read along to discover more about this concept.

Tech lab for restaurants of the future

De Serre is a test lab for new technologies in the restaurant sector. It’s the ideal place for software companies to test their software and to work together to support bars and restaurants in their digital transition. With APICBASE as one of the partners, restaurant businesses can be helped in digitising their kitchen and recipe management, but in a very visual way thanks to the cloud connected photo studio.

Not your average restaurant

De Serre is all about digitalisation in the restaurant sector while maintaining a local and seasonal kitchen. Besides ordering and paying through an app on your smartphone, De Serre is also using the APIC Kitchen Manager and Studio to digitise their kitchen virtually. The APIC Studio is also being showcased in the restaurant itself so make sure you take a look when passing by!