Dinner On A Lake
Summer 2017

APICBASE partners with the world's first floating restaurant!

It all started with: “Hey, I would love to sleep in the middle of a lake…”. Meet Angelo, co-founder of Friends and Fools, a company who travels the world online and offline for unique and adventurous concepts to implement in the restaurant and tourism sector. With their concept Dinner On A Lake, they want to give young chefs the opportunity to cook for people in a unique setting.

Key elements of this concept are innovation, creativity, sharing the love for food and bringing people together. That’s exactly what we stand for with APICBASE, so this was a perfect opportunity for a partnership.

A unique setting for a unique experience.

The castle of Leeuwergem, Zottegem, in Belgium, is an 18th century castle, surrounded by gorgeous nature and a lake. In the middle of this lake, we find a floating restaurant, equipped with wooden tables, comfortable chairs, and vintage lightbulbs. Accessorised with the right glasses and plants, this setting is truly picture perfect. Did you know the construction is actually a container, easy to move around and it only takes 2 trucks to bring it to another destination?

Capture culinary excellence

Every week, a different chef takes up the challenge of cooking in a small kitchen on the boat to pamper the guests. In total there will be 18 chefs, all young, innovative and creative.

The first chef to use our APIC Studio was Thomas Gellynck, a young chef from Ghent with an own pop-up restaurant called Commotie.

Take a look at the culinary creations captured with the APIC Studio on the APICBASE inspiration page.

Chef Thomas Gellynck using the APIC Studio to capture his dessert.
Chef Thomas Gellynck
Carl, Thomas and Angelo

“A great initiative like Dinner On A Lake is something we love to support because it’s innovative, it gives young chefs a platform to show their talents and most of all: it gives visitors a great time!”
— Carl Jacobs, CEO APICBASE

From left to right: Carl Jacobs (CEO of APICBASE), Thomas Gellynck (chef of the night, Commotie) and Angelo Medagoda (co-founder Friends and Fools)

The Menu of
Thomas Gellynck (4-10 August)

Sushi roll of North Sea crab, kimchi and harissa.

Tartare of hake with kumquat yogurt, dill and green asparagus.

Main course
Guinea fowl with cooked potatoes, vegetables, and a mash of zucchini and lime.

Vanilla ice-cream, with banana, coconut and merengue.

Curious what other chefs will serve? Take a look at their menu and book your table.

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