Culinary edition of the magazine

APICBASE partners with Exclusief magazine for the culinary edition of the magazine

Exclusief is a magazine covering topics about luxury, creativity, entertainment, travel, and experiences. The culinary aspect has always been in the background with just a few pages in every issue. This will change in 2018! There will be more pages in every issue of the magazine dedicated to food, covering restaurants but also new technologies for the restaurant sector. As the icing on the cake, they will release a special edition of the magazine, only dedicated to food, in October 2018. APICBASE partners with Exclusief Magazine to help creating the culinary edition. All participating restaurants will be offered a chance to use the APIC Studio to photograph some dishes for the October issue.

Culinary magazine

Alain Vanden Abeele is responsible for the culinary side of the magazine. As a chef, author of a cook book and culinary advisor, he calls himself ‘the epicurist of the magazine’. Epicurius was a Greek philosopher and is seen as the founder of the ‘epicurism’, which means enjoying life to the fullest.

With his background in the culinary sector and equipped with the APIC Studio, he will visit several restaurants each month in order to create a great portfolio of what Belgium has to offer in the food sector. “The APIC Studio is great to accompany our photographer as the studio is really dedicated to food photography. Our photographer will focus on the atmosphere and the setting of the restaurant and the APIC Studio will take great pictures of the dishes that the chefs prepare”, says Alain Vanden Abeele. The results will be published in the special culinary edition of the magazine in October 2018.


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