APICBASE and From Farm to Fork work together to create a recipe book with the best of Horecava 2018

As one of the largest trade shows for the hospitality and restaurant sector in the Netherlands, Horecava is taking place from January 8-11, 2018 in Amsterdam. APICBASE is partnering with Nico Dingemans, author of From Farm to Fork in the Netherlands, to create a recipe book with all the culinary creations prepared by Dutch chefs during this event.

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Because the focus is on regional products, you can get them easily as well, even if you do not own a restaurant. Therefore, APICBASE, From Farm to Fork and Bidfood decided to create a recipe book, collecting all the dishes that the chefs will create live at Horecava. This way you will be able to try these recipes at home and you will be introduced to the regional products from the Netherlands. 

“At APICBASE, we love the idea of creating a recipe book and sharing the love for regional gastronomy”, says Carl Jacobs, CEO of APICBASE. “We also love to provide chefs with an easy platform where they can enter their recipes. Our recipe management software allows chefs to create recipes step by step, and by adding pictures taken with the APIC Studio, it is easy to turn a recipe into a visual masterpiece. It’s a good opportunity for us to show that we are more than a photo studio and to show the possibilities of our recipe management software”.

From Farm to Fork in the Netherlands by Nico Dingemans

From Farm to Fork in the Netherlands

Nico Dingemans, author of From Farm to Fork in the Netherlands, has a heart for regional gastronomy. He would like to bring chefs and people together to introduce them to the regional products the Netherlands have to offer. In his book, he discusses the 12 provinces of the Netherlands and interviews Dutch chefs from this region to get to know their story and the products they love.

In order to further promote the regional gastronomy in the Netherlands, Nico has partnered with Bidfood and Horecava to present From Farm to Food live on stage during Horecava. 12 Dutch chefs will cook each 2 regional dishes. The chefs will first shop at the Bidfood stand, which will be full of regional products, and will then start cooking for the guests at the lunch table. To capture all this creativity, the APIC Studio will be used to photograph the dishes in a perfect lightning.