Living Tomorrow
Horeca of the Future

APICBASE is a proud partner of Living Tomorrow

Living Tomorrow develops new ideas for the future together with its partners in so-called visionary groups: Future Retail, Future of Sports, Future of Payments, Future Agriculture & Food, Smart Cities, Future of Health Care and Future of Horeca. APICBASE has joined the visionary group of “Future of Horeca”. 

Preparing for what's to come - predicting the future

During the visionary groups, all partners exchange new ideas and visions about the future, more specifically about the challenges restaurants will have to face in the future. For example: what will the future hotel/catering/restaurant industry look like?; what are the new techniques, standards and insights we can expect?; what will be the new consumer trends, how should restaurant owners respond to new trends and how long will they last?. All partners in this group share their vision of the future through training courses, events, off-campus pop-ups and so on.

Besides that, Living Tomorrow has it own restaurant of the future, called The Bistronomy, where the results of the visionary group are presented. Chef Marc Clement lets you experience the culinary enjoyment of the future. Small dishes of high quality with an enormous attention for origine and experience. The touch of the future is in the new concepts that are integrated in the restaurant, including the digital menu or the wine table of the future. Our APIC Studio is also displayed in the restaurant and customers will be able to use it to capture their visit at The Bistronomy by photographing their plate created by chef Marc Clement. 

By participating in these groups, APICBASE tries to keep innovating its hardware and software in order to meet the challenges that restaurants and other food service companies will face in the future. We want nothing more than offering what our customers really need.

Yellowtail and tuna - dashi broth - cucumber and radish by Marc Clement
Asperges à la flamande
by Marc Clement
Strawberry - raspberry - calamansi
by Marc Clement

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