Supporting a soon to be launched brand

APICBASE is for everyone...

…from small startups to big food companies. We’ve partnered with Mealhero, a soon to be launched brand, to make sure their creativity is well captured. 

Mealhero will be launched on November 4th through a Kickstarter campaign. The team developed a smart steam oven which is able to prepare a healthy and tasty dinner in no time.

Get a head start

We support starting companies as we believe digitalisation is the future, so why not start it right from the start? 

The Mealhero steam oven comes with foodboxes. With the APIC Kitchen Manager and photo studio, the Mealhero team is able to manage their recipes in a visual and digital way right from the beginning. It will help them to get a head start when growing the business.

APICBASE offers packages for everyone: from small to big businesses. Feel free to contact us for more information and see how we can help your business.

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