National Culinary Team of Belgium
Bocuse d'Or and Young Chefs Culinary World Cup

APICBASE partners with the Belgian Culinary Team to train for the competition

APICBASE is happy to support the Belgian Culinary Team. With the guidance of Horeca Flanders, the team will train intensively at the new Flanders Food Faculty in Harelbeke, Belgium, to give the best of themselves when competing in the Bocuse d’Or competiton and the Young Chefs Culinary World Cup. During their trainings, they will be using the APIC Kitchen Manager and APIC Studio to obtain a flawless workflow.

Bocuse d'Or

The Bocuse d’Or competition is the most important international culinary competition and is also known as the ‘world championship cooking’. Every two year, the competition takes place with an European finale in Turin, Italy (2018) and a World finale in Lyon, France (2019).

Lode De Roover, chef of restaurant Fleur de Lin, will represent Belgium in this competition. He worked in multiple Michelin star restaurants such as Comme chez Soi** in Brussels, La Bergerie in Namur, …

He will be trained by the people of Horeca Flanders and they will be using the APIC Kitchen Manager in order to obtain a flawless workflow. “All recipes will be broken down in sub recipes and there will be a strict timing”, says Hilaire Spreuwers of Horeca Flanders. “Thanks to the APIC Studio, we will be able to visualize all the different steps in the recipes. This will be an amazing training tool for our chefs”.

Lode De Roover, representing Belgium in the Bocuse d'Or competition
Young Chefs Team,
representing Belgium in the Young Chefs Culinary World Cup

Young Chefs Culinary World Cup

Belgium has been selected for the first time ever to participate in the prestigious Young Chefs Culinary World Cup. This is one of the biggest culinary competitions in the world. The best students and young graduates from hotel schools in Flanders and Brussels have been selected to prove they deserve one of the 8 places in the team that will be representing Belgium. The Belgian team will compete against Austria, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand and the United Arabic Emirates.

The competition consists of 2 parts. First, the team will have to prepare a 3 course menu for 70 persons. The second part is to create a gastronomic buffet for 12 persons. “One of the most important things is to understand the strengths of every chef and to see how they can best work together as a team. Again, the APICBASE products are what we need to visualise the process in the kitchen and to really understand every step of the recipe. This will help us in obtaining a flawless workflow”, says Hilaire Spreuwers of Horeca Flanders. 

“We wish each and every one good luck and joy whilst training. We believe our products do make the difference in the kitchen, especially in the training department and in the visual recipe management department.” 

– Carl Jacobs, CEO of APICBASE

Culinary coach Jo Nelissen (left) and team manager Hilaire Spreuwers (right) are ready to use the APIC Studio in the training center.