We're Smart Green Guide
Top 25 Best Vegetables Restaurants in the World

APICBASE partners with We're Smart® World to launch the Restaurant's Green Guide

We’re Smart® World brings people and companies together to share the passion of living a healthy and environmentally sustainable life. The aim is to learn from each other in order to find smart solutions for body, nature and the world. On May 7th, We’re Smart® World launches their We’re Smart® Green Guide, a guide with the top 25 Best Vegetables Restaurants in the World. APICBASE will be there to capture it all.

Think Vegetables! Think Fruit!

Frank Fol, internationally known as the Vegetable Chef, took the initiative to start We’re Smart® World. Together with more than 100 ambassadors, they raise awareness to eat more vegetables and fruit. On May 7th, a culinary day is organised at Hofke van Bazel, the best vegetable restaurant 2017-2018 in the BeNeLux. “The day will be filled with workshops where people will be introduced to new ways to cook vegetables. There are endless ways to prepare vegetables and fruit but people just don’t know about them”, says Frank. “The cherry on top of the day will be the award for Best Vegetable Restaurant in the World. There are 36 nominees from South-Africa, Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Peru, USA, Morroco and Denmark. Our vision has reached a worldwide audience, so I’m delighted to hand out an award for the Best Vegetable Restaurant worldwide”.

APICBASE there to capture it all

“Thinking about sustainability is the future, therefore we love to support the We’re Smart® World vision”, says Carl Jacobs, CEO of APICBASE. “I think it will be great to take pictures with the APIC Studio during the workshops. We will learn so much from professional chefs and the APIC Studio is there to capture it all in seconds. Afterwards, we want to add the recipes with our APIC Kitchen Manager and link the pictures to share them online. This way, we can share the smart solutions with a larger audience to spread the word even further.”


Keep an eye out on our social media for the pictures and the recipes! 

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