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In-depth plan comparisson.

Which plan do I need?

When looking for a solution to your problems, it is important to go for the right piece of software. At APICBASE, we are making it our duty to support you as good as possible in looking for the right solution. That is why we will always try and get in touch with you. Our sales support team has been trained in such a way that they ask you the right questions so you end up with the right solution. However, to get a decent understanding of our plans up front, here's a quick overview of the different base plans we offer.


For those who want to digitize the way they conceive new products, or want to communicate correct information to their customers.

The Develop plan is built especially to centralize what makes your brand so unique: its recipes.

The Develop plan allows you to bring together all your purchase and sales items into one library, generate recipes and engineer menus.

Subsequently, you can share them with customers or colleagues, including allergen information, prepping labels and theoretical costing.

Print your menu card, put a qr code on your printed menus, or get insights in your theoretical margin with Develop.


Benefit from all things Develop, but add the possibility to generate Bills of Materials, Split Purchase Orders and manage your Stock.

When subscribing to our "Manage" plan, you unlock the possibility to generate Bills of Materials, Supplier Split Purchase Orders which are saved in the system for you to recall when the order is delivered, or you want to do an invoice control.

The Inventory System of APICBASE is specifically built for food companies. Download variance reports, register waste, transfers or add semi-finished products to the stock... and when you are connected to a supported POS system, we can provide a live update of your stock at any time.


Build on the Develop or Manage plans to add powerful planning tools for restaurants or production facilities.

No matter whether you're working in a full service restaurant, business catering kitchen or production facility, the "Plan" plan adds the power of planning up front.

The Plan functionality enables you to generate mise-en-place lists with calculated recipe quantities, timing possibilities and user management features.

APICBASE Plan is ready for full digital implementation, with iPads or digital screens on work benches, but can be easily incorporated in an offline workflow due to multiple Excel based exports.

Develop features...

  • Detailed Feature Overview

  • 49/mo

  • Development Features
  • Import Ingredients (xls)
  • Export Ingredients (xls)
  • Supplier Linking
  • Food Cost
  • Food Cost History
  • Allergen Verification
  • Ingredient Verification
  • Nutritional Values
  • Bulk Ingredient Replacement
  • Recipes
  • Sub Recipes
  • Automatic Ingredient Lookup
  • Manual Ingredient Creation
  • Food Costing
  • Food Costing Export (xls)
  • Nutritional Value Report
  • Recipe Templates
  • Custom Recipe Templates
  • Manual Translation
  • Courses / Sections
  • Bills of Materials
  • Food Cost Calculation
  • Allergen Report
  • Menu Templates
  • Optional
    Custom Templates

Manage features...

  • CHEF

  • 49/mo

  • Order Management
  • Generate Manual PO
  • Smart PO from BOM
  • Mail PO to Supplier
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Receive Orders
  • Receive External Order
  • Bill of Materials
  • Supplier Overview
  • Supplier Report
  • Inventory Management
  • Auto Inventory
  • Count Inventory
  • Lock Inventory On Count
  • Transfer Inventory
  • Record Waste
  • Create Semi Finished Items
  • Variance Reporting
  • Item Evolution
  • Sales Analytics
  • ePOS Integration
  • BCG Matrix
  • Sales & Profit Mix
  • Category Reports
  • Periodical GP Report

Plan features...

  • CHEF

  • 49/mo

  • Planning Management
  • Mise-en-Place
  • MeP Calculation
  • Menu Recalculation
  • Recipe Portioning
  • Semi Finished Products Portioning
  • Production Planning
  • Scrum-based M-e-P
  • Time Reporting
  • Production Schedules
  • Scheduling
  • Custom Tasks

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Plans F.A.Q.

Insights in our plans & pricing

How is your pricing built up?

APICBASE Pricing is built on three dimensions. The first one is the plan you select. The price increases based on the number and type of plan you use. The second dimension is the number of outlets you operate and want to connect to the system. Finally, the third dimension is based on the complexity of your business. Do you need API connection? Custom templates or development? Based on a talk with our sales support team, the offer will be set out for you.

Do you offer discounted pricing?

Yes! We offer various discounts to small restaurants and starters. We also discount when a contract is 24 Months or longer. Contact us for detailed information.

Do you offer free trials of the platform?

We generally do not offer free trials. While this might seem like the “easiest’ way to navigate our platform, we’ve learned from years of doing this that customers get the most value initially when being walked through the platform live. As such, we are more than happy to offer:

Data verification on any set of apps / data points where you know the actuals and can use this to be confident with the quality of our data.

Unlimited live demos / walkthroughs: we are happy to spend as much time as you want with your team to make sure they are fully comfortable with the tool.

What if I want specific features / data points from two different products?

If you are looking for a specific set of tools, we strongly advice you to go for the “Plan suite”. This contains all the tools and features so you can cherry pick what you want to use. If you have other request, get in touch and we can discuss.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept credit cards and bank wires. For bank wires payments, bi-annual or annual payment terms are required. Enterprise payment plans are available.

Do I have to pay 12 months upfront in full?

No, you do not. While we do require a minimum commitment, we are extremely flexible with payment terms. We are happy to offer monthly payments via credit card if this is easiest for you, as long as we have a fully executed agreement.