APIC’s mission is to build the best and most sought after database of gastronomy worldwide, fed – and only fed – by top chefs who are on the brink of defining gastronomy. APIC was founded in March 2014 by four Belgian entrepreneurs who put together their strengths to create the world’s first photo studio especially designed for the professional kitchen. Originally conceived by chef Julien Burlat of Michelin starred restaurant Dôme, the company operates from Antwerp, Belgium from where all studios are built and shipped.

© 2014 - From left to right: Pieter Wellens, Carl Jacobs, Kim Rothuys, Julien Burlat

A brief biographical overview

Carl Jacobs
co-founder, CEO and graphic design

Carl is a 100% all rounder with a strong background in project management and graphic design. He's a real entrepreneur, having co-founded several companies and non-profit organizations. He held management positions at various companies, overseeing production, communications and financial departments. At APIC he's in charge of day-to-day business and of the UI/software design.

Pieter Wellens
co-founder, CTO, chief developer

Pieter is a researcher and coder pur sang. The past 10 years, he was involved in cutting edge artificial intelligence research and as a software engineer he worked on a number of large scale international projects. For APIC he's responsible for all things software, working both on the online platform as the software of the

Julien Burlat
inventor, co-founder and industry veteran

Julien is a michelin star chef who owns two restaurants and a bakery. He is also a consultant advising hotels all over the globe how to run their kitchens at the highest level. He's the perfect liaison with the world of chefs and our angel investor who made our early stage development and research possible.

Kim Rothuys
inventor, co-founder and head of product design and development

Kim has a passion for art and design. He's an entrepreneur, focusing on artworks photography and furniture design. Besides this, for over 10 years now, Kim has been a foodie to the bone and has built-up personal relationships with chefs in Belgium and abroad. For APIC he's responsible for everything hardware related, covering design, development and construction.

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APIC was founded in 2014 and is operated from Antwerp, Belgium. Click here to discover more about the company and the people behind it.