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APIC captures nearly 100 dishes live on stage at Chefs(R)evolution

PRESS RELEASE #2 - ANTWERP - 18/09/2014

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APIC captures nearly 100 dishes live on stage at Chefs(R)evolution (Zwolle, NL) offering foodies and chefs a brilliant way to relive the event.


On, people can relive the event Chefs(R)evolution by viewing top shot photos from all dishes created on the main stage and at the food/wine palace, as well as the VIP dinner on Sunday night. It gives a unique insight in what the cuisine of more then 10 top chefs looks like today.

All images taken at the main stage are now downloadable here
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APIC Recap

Every country has at least one great gastronomic festival where chefs and their creations are placed on the pedestal they deserve. It’s at these events that foodies and chefs alike come together to celebrate cuisine in its purest form.

For the Netherlands, one of those festivals is Chefs(R)evolution, organised by Jonnie & Thérèse Boer and their partners Thomas and Carola Ruhl. Together, they managed to bring together a massive line-up of more then 30 Michelin Stars, spread over several stages, combined with a very nice farmers market.

On the main stage they succeeded in bringing together gastronomic stars like René Redzepi, Richard Ekkebus, Tim Raue, Grant Achatz, Massimo Bottura and many many others. All of them created inspiring dishes and came with a beautiful story about what it was for them to be active in a business that is about feeding the planet.

And what makes those participating chefs -and the festivals promoting them- so amazing is not so much their proven skills in cooking – which is of course a fact – but that literally all of them transcended the basic idea of putting food on a plate. Today’s vanguard chefs are becoming more and more aware of their important position in the landscape of food. And now more than ever they search for solutions to solve waste, to respect nature, to search for new sensations and even force their (precious) customers to step out of their daily comfort zone.

Within this new play field, APIC considers it a privilege and an honour to deliver the best way to capture this gastronomy: live and truthful. Our sincerest thanks goes out to the team of Chefs(R)evolution and to all the chefs that so enthusiastically let their dishes be photographed in the

You can find all the images taken on main stage here:

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