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Introducing APIC, a new ecosystem for chefs

PRESS RELEASE #1 - ANTWERP - 22/08/2014

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APIC is revolutionizing the way chefs photograph, archive and share their most valuable creations in a matter of seconds. Discover them at 


APIC is an ecosystem for chefs and restaurants to photograph, archive and share their most valuable creations. APIC consists out of the, a cloud connected photo studio of approximately 40x40x60cm which makes high quality photos and, an online web service where the photos are instantly saved and chefs can add information, ingrediënts, recipes, etc. in a matter of seconds. also features very easy sharing options for creating social media content and a stunning visual portfolio on 
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Introducing APIC, a new ecosystem for chefs.

Originally conceived by top chefs and developed with simplicity in mind, APIC was founded with one single objective: to give top chefs all over the world the ability to archive their creations by photographing their dishes live, during service, in a matter of seconds.

But what makes APIC so much more than just a photo studio and turns it into an ecosystem, is its ingenious web service. Thanks to an online private library, chefs never need to worry again where they left that one picture, because every image is instantly saved over the air in a personal library in the cloud. They always know where they can find and annotate their images with titles, ingredients, recipes and comments. And although every image is saved privately, it’s incredibly easy to share a photo with the click of a button on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or APIC’s own social platform:

At, chefs have their own profiles, as well as a restaurant profile. Alongside basic information like a biography, opening hours, location details etc., it’s a place where they can create a portfolio which offers their clients and foodies around the world the ability to follow their creative path and (re)discover the delicious dishes served.

Recently launched, APIC has already been lucky to count numerous michelin starred chefs as their clientele. Together they take hundreds of photo’s every day, of which some they share at

Chefs who are interested in acquiring should contact APIC. through or through the webform on


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APIC was founded in 2014 and is operated from Antwerp, Belgium. Click here to discover more about the company and the people behind it.