Single Outlet Bundle​

In our mission to help food business of all sizes, we created an affordable Single Outlet Bundle.

It's the perfect way to start optimizing your kitchen processes and to run your food business efficiently.

Product Development

Get in touch with our enterprise sales team to discuss your needs and learn about our enterprise features.
  • Ingredients
  • Recipe & Menu Builder
  • Allergens
  • Food Cost Calculations

Sales Analytics

Unlock front-of-house data and get powerfull insights in customer wants and needs. Understand what to offer and when.
  • Connect your POS
  • Unlocks Basic Inventory
  • Sales Reporting
  • Identify Stars and Dogs

Basic Inventory

Stock no more than necessary, but enough for peak hours. Get automated inventory reports, track waste and save time on counts.
  • Status Reports
  • Value Reports
  • Stock Status Alerts
  • Waste Registration

Basic Procurement

Know what you need and when. Generate bills of materials manually or use order suggestions based on inventory status.
  • Link Ingredients to Suppliers
  • Generate Bills of Material
  • Order Suggestions
  • Set Order Limits

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