APIC brings teams together — and customers closer.

Four modules to optimize your company's performance .

Photo Management - by APICBASE.COM

Photo management

Our software is "visual first". Use our beautifully designed photo studio to take the best and most optimal pictures possible from food - no matter where you are, no matter who takes the pictures. Or just upload your own photos and start building your product catalogue.

Product Information Management - by APICBASE.COM

Product Information Management: Centralise & Standardise

APICbase.com helps companies in the food business to centralise and standardise their products (like recipes, dishes, menus,…) both textually and visually within the company. Our software is developed in such a way that even large companies can make use of it, without losing track of their different development kitchens.

Manage Multiple Product Units - by APICBASE.COM

Manage Multiple Production Units

With the APIC Production Unit module, companies can define multiple outlets, dedicate current products and menu cycles and as such minimize the gap between development and production, guarantee the highest quality and make sure everybody has access to the latest and most accurate information possible.

Customer Management Module: Customer Specific Product Portfolios - by APICBASE.COM

Customer Management Module: Customer Specific Product Portfolios

With our Sales module, account managers can create customer specific product portfolio's, follow up on a per product basis and give customers dedicated (and private) access to your latest and greatest products.

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