Menu Engineering
Endless Combinations — Clear Profits

Combine your recipes into menus! No more endless editing in Word!

WYSIWYG Menu Building

APIC Manager has a built-in What You See Is What You Get menu builder. Define sections, look up dishes. Ready.

Endless Combinations possible

Combine your personal dishes into different menus, keep track of popularity or share with your customers. Right out of APIC Manager.

Bill of Materials on the Highest Level

Download all the ingredients you need for your menu’s and order them from your suppliers easily!

Representing Your Company's Image

Menus can be downloaded in editable format to be available to everyone both in and out your company. Want to save a lot of time designing the format? Just click download and its done!

Automated Allergen Listing

The APIC manager shows all of the allergens present in your menu. All of the staff will be able to consult this info at all times!

Menu Cycles

All of your menus in one central database. No matter how many different menus you want, APIC manager helps you organise.

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