Powerful recipe management.
Store unlimited recipes in a secure manner.

Store unlimited recipes in a secure manner. All of your data is securely kept in your personal APICbase account. On this account you are able to add an infinite number of recipes.

Super Easy Editing Modus

Easily drag & drop all of your recipes. User friendliness is our main priority when designing the software

Step-by-Step on a whole new level.

Include pictures on the step-by-step guides, making the recipes very easy to understand! Your staff will never misinterpret recipes anymore by using these guides.

Allergen Tracking Automated

The allergen tracking in the APIC manager is done on an ingredient basis. When ingredients are combined into recipes, the software will automatically show all allergen information.

Food Cost Indication & Margin Calculation

By using the costs of your ingredients and staff, the APIC manager calculates the cost of each recipe automatically.

Calculate portions and servings on the fly.

Decide how many servings you need, just fill in the number of plates required and the software will calculate the rest.

Don't Search — find.

Our search function finds everything in your personal database, including tags on your photos!

Manage multiple restaurants

You can decide what location within your company can create, view, and edit data. No matter what your company structure is, APIC manager is able to manage it!

Use basic templates or go custom

Download everything in our software by using templates in our own style in Word format. Additionally, we can add customized templates designed in your own style.

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