Financial Benefits of Building Efficient Workflows in Restaurants

There are many ways to optimise resources in the restaurant industry but strategic planning should be a priority. It allows for more efficient workflows that greatly benefit restaurants. Apicbase partner It’s Enjoyable, a Gastronomic Consulting Firm based in Spain, shares its approach to building efficient workflows that enable substantial financial benefits. 

Product Reception

First things first, procedures for receiving goods are vital. It is not just about receiving products but also about thorough checks.

Any product that is not in adequate condition or incorrectly delivered must be returned to the supplier automatically. Product reception procedures prevent inventory shortages, mise en place issues, and the extra costs of inadequate products.

A team member has to be appointed to execute the procedure. There can be no confusion about whose responsibility product reception is, even if that means “interrupting” whatever they are doing to check on the goods.

The Layout

This is a secret that everybody restaurant should know.

When doing mise en place or any preparation, well-thought-out kitchen and bar layouts are essential. 

This includes the product to be manipulated, the workspace (for example, the cutting board), followed by where to place the finished product and finally, separate waste locations.

A well-thought-out kitchen and bar layout saves time and space. 

Inventory Management

Three things are crucial for inventory management: time, tools, and dedicated team members.

Active inventory control allows for identifying sales, food waste, and overproduction.

Having a dedicated team member ensures that inventory management is not everybody’s task (which means it’s no-ones responsibility) or a bother to everyone in the kitchen. 

A management tool like Apicbase makes it easy to register and analyse inventory.

Time is Money 

Manuals and procedures are an organiser’s dream.

The sooner operators write down their procedures in manuals, the easier the work becomes for everyone, and the more agile the company is to work with new collaborators.

Every time a team member questions what they have to do, valuable time is lost. Up-to-date checklists ensure every team member knows their responsibilities.

A sense of achievement and pride in their work is essential, so even though it may seem irrelevant, recognition procedures are as important as any.


It is essential to highlight that you are never too late to incorporate strategic workflows in your restaurant. But sooner is always better than late. 

Efficiency benefits are often lost when routine operations and unexpected problems get in the way. But, as a manager or restaurant owner, it pays to take the time to evaluate workflows objectively and continuously look for ways to improve them. 

‘It’s Enjoyable’ can assist you in incorporating, changing, or improving workflows that optimise the use of resources.  

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Marina González, F&B Operations Consultant

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