F&B Procurement Software

Curb food cost with data-driven POs

Prevent overstocks and shortages that lead to inflated CoGS. Your team's purchase orders and decisions are guided by real-time data from each unit's inventory, production and planning.

Automate purchase orders

Get procurement suggestions based on stock levels, demand and supplier lead times.

Procurement forecasts

It feels like magic but it’s the power of workflow automation and F&B data management.

Order management

No more blind spots. Every checkpoint is recorded—BoM, POs, receiving and invoice.

Vendor management

Build outstanding relationships with your vendors. Your purchasing history and details are all in one place.

Eliminate wastage and prevent empty shelves

Automated suggestions guide your employees across the buying process.

Turn BoMs into purchase orders

Your bills-of-materials - for recipes, menus, production plans and menu plans - are turned into purchase orders for each supplier. One click. No more.

Standardised order list

You have recurring orders and you know exactly how much you need? Create standardised order lists. Apicbase checks your inventory levels and puts the exact amount of every item on the PO.

Par stock ordering

Set par-levels for inventory items and re-stock up to par. The required quantities are automatically transferred to the PO of the vendor. Ideal for items that you order regularly.

Never run out of supplies

Avoid empty shelves. Set minimum stock levels for ingredients and sub-recipes and get notified stock is running low.

Easily order ingredients with suppliers with restaurant procurement software

Prevent rogue spending

Purchasing mistakes are the #1 cause of high food costs. Provide your teams with reliable data to make accurate procurement decisions.

Get reports and improve procedures

Check your procurement history, identify areas of improvement and optimise protocols. The reports provide a purchasing history per unit and supplier.

Restaurant procurement reporting full of insights
Restaurant Procurement Dashboard

Multi-site management

Keep track of procurement actions and suppliers at every unit in a single dashboard. The system operates in the cloud so no calls, e-mail or are text required.

Manage roles and responsibilities

Procedures are everything. Assign user permissions, so you know who to talk to when action needs to be taken.

Assign users and permissions to outlets

Order what you need, when you need it. And Nothing more

Leverage your data to improve the supply chain. Don’t let procurement blind spots inflate CoGS.

Spot purchase errors

Procurement mistakes are sneaky but pile up quickly. Save yourself the time of comparing POs, invoices and spreadsheets. Start managing F&B purchasing like a Jedi.

Monitor the purchasing cycle from start to finish

Execute and follow-up on all procurement actions in a single dashboard.

  • Send orders directly to suppliersPOs are sent to your vendors directly. When suppliers are integrated, pricing is updated daily. The procurement module and the vendor’s website operate as one.
  • Monitor order statusKnow exactly when a purchase order was sent, if the goods were received in good order, when the invoice is due and if it is paid. Same goes for orders from outlets to the central kitchen.
  • Share data with ERP, P2P and accountingApicbase is built to share. The robust APIs make data available to other solutions to ensure a seamless data flow in your tech ecosystem.

Send orders directly to all your suppliers via one solution

Monitor the order status of all your orders in one overview

Our company is growing fast, and so is its complexity, which means more people, more outlets, more orders. Apicbase helps me to control procurement and manage our inventories. It is a massive timesaver. All data is centralised, up to date and accessible.

Ingrid van de Loo

F&B manager