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Restaurant Procurement Software

F&B purchasing software with demand forecasting and inventory management

Eliminate food waste, cut food costs and get smoother operations.

Apicbase's procurement software for restaurants includes AI-driven demand forecasting and real-time inventory management, ideal for large-scale food service operations. All your locations order from their suppliers from a centralised platform.

Purchasing Precision

Your restaurant teams get procurement suggestions based on actual stock levels, sales predictions and supplier lead times.

Demand forecasting

Restaurant purchasing software feels like magic. Apicbase predicts upcoming sales and generates accurate purchase orders for each supplier.

Order management

No more procurement or inventory blind spots. All orders from suppliers are recorded end-to-end, from the bill of materials to the purchase orders and receiving in streamlined .

Inventory management

Your teams know in real time what they have in stock and how much they need to order from suppliers to meet future demand. No more overstocking, food waste or inflated food costs.

Restaurant procurement software: Cut food waste and costs

Apicbase's procurement platform helps your kitchen staff manage the supply chain. It generates purchase orders per supplier based on real-time inventory, historical sales and sales forecasts.

Turn BoMs into purchase orders

The app turns your bills-of-materials — for recipes, menus and production plans — into optimised purchase orders for individual suppliers. One click is all it takes

Standardised order list

You have recurring orders and you know exactly how much you need? Create standardised order lists. The software checks your inventory levels and puts the exact amount of every item on the PO.

Inventory management: Par stock ordering

Set par-levels for inventory items and re-stock up to par. The required quantities are automatically transferred to the PO of the vendor. Ideal for items that you order regularly.

Never run out of supplies

Avoid empty shelves. You can set minimum stock levels for essential ingredients and sub-recipes in the F&B purchasing tool and get notified when stock is running low.

Easily order ingredients with suppliers with restaurant procurement software

Prevent rogue spending

Purchasing mistakes are the #1 cause of high food costs in restaurants and foodservice operations. Arm your teams with reliable data to make accurate procurement decisions for optimal inventory management.

Get reports and improve procedures

Check your procurement history, identify areas of improvement and optimise protocols. The Apicbase restaurant procurement management software generates detailed reports on the purchasing history of each unit and supplier.

Restaurant procurement reporting full of insights
Restaurant Procurement Dashboard

Multi-site management

Keep track of procurement actions, inventory management and suppliers at every unit in a single dashboard. The system operates in the cloud so no calls, e-mail or texts are required.

Manage roles and responsibilities

Procedures are everything. Assign user permissions, so you know who to talk to when action needs to be taken.

Assign users and permissions to outlets

Restaurant Demand Forecasting Software

Cut food waste and costs. Apicbase's AI-driven sales predictions allow your restaurant teams to manage their inventories effectively and efficiently.

Spot purchase errors

Procurement mistakes are sneaky but pile up quickly. Save yourself the time of comparing POs, invoices and spreadsheets. Start managing F&B purchasing like a Jedi.

Monitor the purchasing cycle from start to finish

With the restaurant procurement app, you can run and monitor all procurement events in a crystal-clear dashboard.

Send orders directly to all your suppliers via one solution

Monitor the order status of all your orders in one overview

We are growing fast — more people, more outlets, more suppliers. Apicbase is a massive time-saver. All data is centralised, up to date and accessible.

Ingrid van de Loo

F&B manager