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7 Restaurant Industry Trends for 2024 – Shifts in Business Models and Operational Strategies Explained

The restaurant industry is transitioning from a static and predictable environment to a dynamic and innovative one. Let’s unravel the restaurant industry trends for 2024.   What is Going On?  For decades, customer expectations, business models, and business strategies in the restaurant industry haven’t changed much. Things were more or less predictable.  Today, the restaurant industry […]

93 Restaurant Industry Statistics Every Food Service Operator Needs to Know in 2024

93+ Restaurant Industry Stats 2024 apicbase

2023 has been a challenging year for restaurant operators, caught as they were between rising food costs and labour shortages.  To give you the full picture of the positives and negatives of what lies ahead for 2024, we combed through dozens of recent industry reports and compiled a list of 93 restaurant industry statistics.  At […]

Which Restaurant Innovations Are Here To Stay

Which Restaurant Innovations Are Here To Stay

The restaurant industry is in full transformation.  It’s looking for new and better ways to handle changing customer preferences, rising food costs and crippling staff shortages.  What innovations will stick around when the air clears up again, and why? What Drives Innovation? It is not a pandemic. COVID-19 delivered a massive blow to restaurant and […]

7 Restaurant Trends To Watch In 2023

Many market forces that shaped the restaurant industry over the past few years were linked to the disruptions caused by the global pandemic. But despite the aftermath, the sector has gradually recovered by 2022 – to a point where a new sense of normality has set in.  However, normality is not the same as stability. […]

75+ Restaurant Industry Statistics | The Ultimate List of 2022

Have you seen the restaurant industry statistics of 2022? You definitely should. The restaurant industry is undergoing dramatic changes.  New players are emerging and we are seeing crazy shifts in business practices, while new trends and innovations are taking hold. We have researched a ton of reports on the foodservice industry and put the most […]