7 Restaurant Trends To Watch In 2023

Many market forces that shaped the restaurant industry over the past few years were linked to the disruptions caused by the global pandemic. But despite the aftermath, the sector has gradually recovered by 2022 – to a point where a new sense of normality has set in.  However, normality is not the same as stability. […]

75+ Restaurant Industry Statistics | The Ultimate List of 2022

Have you seen the restaurant industry statistics of 2022? You definitely should. The restaurant industry is undergoing dramatic changes.  New players are emerging and we are seeing crazy shifts in business practices, while new trends and innovations are taking hold. We have researched a ton of reports on the foodservice industry and put the most […]

Restaurant Trends 2021 – What Innovations Are Here To Stay

restaurant trends 2021

What innovations will stick around when the air clears up again, and why? For this trends post, we didn’t analyse the near future – it is still very unclear – but looked far back and ahead instead. How else to research restaurant trends for 2021? No-one knows when things will go back to normal. And […]

10 Eye-Opening Statistics on Restaurant Food Allergen Attitudes & Practices

Statistics on food allergies restaurant allergen practices

A survey conducted by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network found that 34 percent of food allergy sufferers experienced an allergic reaction while eating at a restaurant. A third of those had a repeat of the experience on at least two separate occasions. Sometimes, the fault lies with the customers, who do not communicate their […]

6 Restaurant Trends for 2020: Shaping the Future of the Industry

Trends in foodservice often turn out to be a fad – temporary and harmless. Remember the cronut – anyone? The trends that shape 2020 are a different kind of animal altogether. They are transforming the business to its core. This transformation isn’t new. The industry has been reinventing itself for some time now. 2020 will, […]