The backbone of your food business

Apicbase is a F&B management platform that gives you total visibility of your back of house so you can grow without compromise.

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One platform to run your back of house

Break through the silos and connect the dots between workflows. Apicbase makes F&B processes scalable and futureproof. Add modules when you need them. Connect new units as you grow.

A data-driven approach to food management


The single source of truth for your company’s food management.


Reduce manual actions. Automate workflows. Avoid errors. Save time.


Track metrics group-wide. Compare unit performance. Spot irregularities.


Get clear data. Oversee your entire operation. Focus on areas of improvement.

Built to go wherever you go

Apicbase is the foundation of your food enterprise. No matter the business model or the size of your operation, if you have recipes that convert raw ingredients into a finished product, then we've got your back.

See the big picture

Apicbase integrates with the systems you rely on. Our powerful APIs can share information with all your tech solutions to create a fully integrated tech ecosystem.

We are here for you

Our support team is truly one of a kind. Digitising the back of house is no small feat, but we are here for you, every step of the way.