F&B management platform for multi-site operators

Get Full Visibility of Your Back of House

Close the gap between theoretical and actual food costs in your restaurants, dark kitchens and central kitchens using industry-leading restaurant management software.

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Get a grip on your restaurants’ profit margins

Centralise data

Centralise your F&B data in one place. As the numbers change, so do your cost and profit calculations.

Simplify the hard stuff

Simplify operations. Your stock counts, recipe costings and food waste & allergen reporting: done!

Standardise work

Standardise recipes, inventory, and traceability to immediately notice any errors and take action.

Boost profitability

Boost profitability without increasing your employees' workload by improving efficiency in your kitchens.

One platform to manage all kitchen ops

Finally, you can drop those pesky spreadsheets. Apicbase integrates your recipe, sales, inventory and purchasing data, so you don't have to waste days consolidating the numbers.

Menu Engineering

Centralise your recipes in the cloud. Give access to units and users. Automate food cost, margin, allergen and nutritional value calculations —per recipe, menu or unit.


Inventory management

Each sale and every stockable recipe depletes your inventories down to its raw ingredients. Get notified when items reach minimum levels. Generate purchase orders with nuclear precision. Rule out under & overstocking, and put a lid on high food costs.



Generate bills-of-materials based on the number of portions needed or order up to par. Always take real-time stock status into account. Manage integrated suppliers and keep track of transfers between locations.


Sales Analytics

Auto-generate your menu matrix with real-time sales and CoGS. Identify your stars and dogs. Engineer menus to suit each outlet, channel and location. Cut guesswork. Rely on accurate data.


HACCP & Tasks

Comply with regulations. Identify CCP’s. Plan kitchen tasks per location and attribute to individual employees. Track execution and generate full reports.



Make food production consistent and yield reliable. Simply, choose your menu, enter portions and get quantities, including detailed production plans and step by step prep guidelines. Register food waste and track performance.



Our API endpoints allow your tech solutions to send and receive food-management data to and from Apicbase. The API’s provide a robust foundation for your tech ecosystem and general ERP.


Insights Hub

Restaurant analytics software turns raw data into powerful performance dashboards packed with insightful graphs and charts about your food costs, revenues, F&B inventory and purchasing. Track growth, spot discrepancies and help your teams make the right call at every turn.



Apicbase's traceability software tracks food at every stage of production and distribution, allowing you to comply with regulations, avoid high recall costs and free your staff of paperwork. Ideal for production kitchens, CPUs and meal production working at scale.

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If we didn’t have Apicbase, we would run into huge difficulties
Fabio Haebel
Founder at Circus
If I didn’t have Apicbase, I’d have to hire three extra people.
Filip Van Hoeck
If you’re managing a fast-growing F&B operation, then Apicbase is crucial for your growth.
Tosca Eggenhuizen
Product Owner F&B Systems
Apicbase made my life easier as an entrepreneur.
Rens Bekkers
Founder Bright Kitchen
Apicbase is essential if you’re looking to expand your business. Plain and simple.
Jay Greenslade
Franchise Operations Manager
The data in Apicbase helps us to grow our business.
Nehme Darwiche
Apicbase has given us insight into our actual food data.
Fréderique van Alfen-Las
Project Lead Campus and Facilities

A data-driven approach to food management


The single source of truth for your company’s food management.


Reduce manual actions. Automate workflows. Avoid errors. Save time.


Track metrics group-wide. Compare unit performance. Spot irregularities.


Get clear data. Oversee your entire operation. Focus on areas of improvement.

Built to go wherever you go

Apicbase is the foundation of your food enterprise. No matter the business model or the size of your operation, if you have recipes that convert raw ingredients into a finished product, then we've got your back.

See the big picture

Apicbase integrates with the systems you rely on. Our powerful APIs can share information with all your tech solutions to create a fully integrated tech ecosystem.

We are here for you

Our support team is truly one of a kind. Digitising the back of house is no small feat, but we are here for you, every step of the way.