Restaurant HACCP & Tasks Planning Software

Pass food safety audits with ease

A task management system for multi-site foodservice operations. Plan, verify & document CCPs with drag&drop-efficiency.

All-in-one HACCP

Roll-out food safety plans group-wide.
Monitor, verify and log all tasks in one place.

Comply with HACCP Regulations without the paperwork

Manage food safety processes and documentation in one workflow.

Set critical control points

Fill out the core elements of your HACCP plan in the system, including minimum and maximum levels. The CCPs can be created group-wide, per outlet or workstation.

Assign tasks to staff members

Know who to talk to when execution doesn't meet the guidelines. People are accountable for their job.

Spot irregularities and take action

Generate thorough haccp reports at the touch of a button. Should there be any anomalies, staff can take immediate corrective actions and register them in the system.

Add tasks to the CCPs

Your staff has access to detailed task descriptions ensuring flawless execution.

Plan tasks per outlet and track progress

The easy calendar view allows you to see if things are going according to plan. Monitor group-wide performance in a single dashboard.

Log & document in the cloud

Your food safety records are ready for audits. They are stored in the cloud and searchable by location, date, task and staff member.

Task & HACCP Management for Restaurants

Develop HACCP plans, without the paperwork

Avoid the administrative nightmare and get an easy-to-use interface for planning, monitoring & documenting HACCP tasks.

Apicbase has been an absolute godsend. Our local EHO officer came round to check on compliance. I showed him the system and explained how effective it is. 

Luke Pilkington