Restaurant Software for procurement managers

Procurement Manager

Optimise your restaurants' supply chain with our advanced back-of-house solution, allowing your teams to make accurate and confident purchasing decisions on the spot.

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One Platform. Total Control

Apicbase streamlines your procurement process, making cost control easy and ordering from suppliers straightforward.

End-to-End Procurement Management

Apicbase brings all your procurement data together on a single platform. Oversee suppliers, manage orders, track costs, and ensure product quality — all from one dashboard.

Integrated Ecosystem

Apicbase integrates your POS with inventory and tracks ingredient usage down to the raw materials. Your teams get purchasing recommendations based on actual performance.

Simplified Purchasing, Amplified Results

With Apicbase, you can eliminate manual order placing and spreadsheets. This efficiency gives you time to strategise and develop strong relationships with suppliers.

Dashboards Drive Excellence

With our dashboards, you can track the purchasing behaviour of multiple sites simultaneously, monitor real-time food costs across the group and assess supplier performance.

Cut Food Costs

Demand Forecasting

Using historical sales data, Apicbase forecasts future product needs, balancing current stock with upcoming demand. This way, you avoid overstocking, stock-outs and food waste.

Inventory Automation

Apicbase’s integration of POS with inventory eliminates tedious manual data entry. This efficiency frees up hours for your staff and ensures precise inventory management.

Operations Control

With in-depth charts showing purchasing history and cost trends, you can negotiate superior deals or address deviations long before they affect the bottom line.

Purchasing Precision

Suggested Purchase Orders

Apicbase generates accurate purchase order suggestions by analysing stock levels at each location, allowing kitchen staff to order exactly what is needed and reduce waste.

Drop Spreadsheets

Say goodbye to tracking orders on spreadsheets. With Apicbase, your teams have an automated, error-free system that keeps you updated in real-time.

Order From Suppliers in One Place

Eliminate the chaos of emails, phone calls, and scattered records. Centralised orders, receiving, and inventory management, ensures efficient management.

Discover Apicbase for Procurement

Ensure optimal profitability, and build strong supplier relations with Apicbase — the top choice for restaurant procurement managers.

Procurement Hub

Make informed decisions at every step. Our advanced dashboards are packed with analytical tools to oversee purchasing patterns, profitability and food cost trends across all outlets.

Supplier Management

Track ordered and delivered quantities per supplier, view unit spending, track purchasing trends, and match invoices with received deliveries, all in one place.

Data-driven Ordering and Inventory

Avoid over-ordering and stock shortages using our demand forecasts, driven by real-time inventory and historical sales data. Your team can order from all suppliers in one place.

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