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Restaurant Software for operations managers


Boost operational efficiency with Apicbase. Our platform streamlines workflows, so you can take any challenge head-on while keeping a close eye on the bottom line.

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Take Back Control

Apicbase automates your restaurants’ back-of-house workflows, simplifying staff workload and giving you clear insights into unit performance.

Dashboards are Ready to Go

Harness the power of data with our comprehensive dashboards. Track inventory levels, monitor purchasing, and ensure consistent quality across all outlets.

Integrated Workflows

Apicbase connects with various tools in your restaurant chain, from POS systems to accounting software and supplier ordering platforms, so you don’t have to work in Excel.

In-depth Reports

Get detailed reports on the vital aspects of your operations. From food waste to menu analyses, Apicbase provides you with the insights you need for sustainable growth.

Multi-outlet Monitoring

Manage multiple outlets efficiently. Monitor performance, compare metrics, and ensure that every branch is aligned with quality standards.

Operational Excellence

Supervise, Set Goals, Track Progress

Manage your team’s output by setting targets and monitoring progress. This way, you can support your people in the best possible way and pave the way for growth. 

Efficient Staff Training

Onboard new kitchen staff quickly onto the menu. Detailed recipes, methodologies and production plans are available on every tablet, phone and laptop.  

Single Source of Truth

Apicbase is your single source of truth. Updates to a recipe, menu or supplier are instantly available across all stores, so every dish looks and tastes great in all your restaurants.

Cut Food Costs

Inventory Optimisation

Apicbase’s advanced inventory management tools are designed to reduce food waste, optimise stock levels, and prevent breakage, leading to reductions in food costs of up to 8%.

Smart Production Planning

Drag and drop recipes in the plan and specify the servings. Apicbase determines what your teams need to prepare and purchase while giving you a cost estimation and profit projection. 

Purchasing Precision

Eliminate guesswork and prevent overstocking or stock-outs. Our purchase orders are informed by real-time inventory and historical sales data. Plus, our scanning app makes inventory counts and receiving processes ten times faster.

Discover Apicbase for Operations

Boost operational efficiency with Apicbase, the leading F&B management solution for large-scale restaurant and foodservice operations.

Insights Hub

Make the right call at every turn. You get powerful performance dashboards packed with graphs and charts that help you track growth and spot opportunities for more efficiency.

Inventory Management

Our POS integration shows exactly how much stock you have. This minimises food waste and time-consuming manual counts.

Eliminate Procurement Chaos

Eliminate the chaos of emails, phone calls, and scattered records. With Apicbase, your kitchen staff can order from all suppliers in one place.

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