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Restaurant Software for Executive Chefs

Executive Chef

Apicbase is the online space where your recipes and menus live, including recipe costings, allergen and nutritional information, and your suppliers' assortment.

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Efficient Kitchen Management

Manage your kitchens and manage your suppliers efficiently. Apicbase is the ultimate F&B management platform.

Centralise Recipe Management

Store and manage all your recipes in one place, ensuring consistency across different locations. This includes detailed recipes with ingredients, quantities, preparation steps, and photos.

Optimise Costs & Purchasing

Apicbase automates inventory and procurement, streamlining stock tracking, reducing waste, and simplifying orders—all from one platform for efficient supplier management and cost control.

Powerful Menu Engineering

Evaluate menus based on their cost and popularity. Thanks to automation, you immediately know which dishes to promote or modify to increase profits, without endless calculations in Excel.

Simplify Communication

Your updates to recipes and menus are immediately available across all locations. Apicbase synchronises calculations so that your kitchen teams always have all they need.

Manage Multiple Locations

Standardisation Across Outlets

All your recipes, menus, ingredients and suppliers are unified on one platform. The centralisation makes managing multiple kitchens efficient and ensures flawless execution.

Time and Resource Management

Apicbase automates the calculation of food costs, nutritional data and allergen tracking, giving you back time for menu development, negotiations with suppliers and team management.

Training and Guidance

Staff can look up recipes and serving methods on any device. As a result, you can induct new staff easily and ensure consistent quality across locations, without cumbersome communication.

Discover Apicbase for Executive Chefs

Apicbase streamlines kitchen management, from recipe standardisation to inventory control, giving you the tools to improve efficiency, consistency, and profitability.

Menu Engineering

Apicbase automates recipe costings, aggregates sales data per menu item and visualises the insights into a clear chart, helping you to create profitable and popular menus.

Inventory Management

Our POS integration gives your kitchen teams real-time inventory visibility, minimising food waste and time-consuming manual counts.

Accurate Purchasing

Apicbase streamlines your ordering process, using real-time inventory and sales data for precise purchase orders. Chefs enjoy the simplicity of ordering from all suppliers through a single platform.

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