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Culinary Excellence
for your team is an all-in-one solution to centralise all data about your culinary creations and products, share them within your team and with your customers.
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Centralise, manage and publish your food related products.

APIC helps food companies, from restaurants to multinationals, to centralise their core data, manage it from one place and share it between their team members in the same and different departments. Our cloud based manager solution offers the possiblity for food companies to optimize communcations between their creative team (development of new dishes) and their sales team. And between the development kitchen and the final production team.  APICBASE.COM helps you communicate your innovations much faster and more steamlined both within your team and to your clients.

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Start with a picture.
Studio + Manager offers the perfect combination to capture and document your culinary excellence. Start with a picture, taken with the Studio + Birdy, then optimize your development, your with all your recipes, menus and images in one place: the APIC Manager.

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