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Essential Restaurant Reports: Key Insights for Successful Operations

Restaurant Reports

Restaurant reports turn chaotic data into clear, digestible information. They allow you to compare performance across dishes, menus, and locations. Combined with restaurant analytics software, they allow you to uncover insights hidden in the raw data. You can dig into the details and get a high-level overview of performance, efficiency, and profitability. In this article, […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Restaurant Back Office Software For Multi-site Operations

Having the best POS system and a constant flow of customers might seem like a sure path to success, but without proper back-of-house management, your restaurants have little chance of making real money.  Customers generate revenue, but effective back-of-house operations keep costs in check, ensuring that your restaurants are also profitable in the long term.  […]

Apicbase is SOC II, Type 2 Compliant

Apicbase software meets the highest standards of data security, privacy, reliability, and operational excellence. Maintaining data security across numerous locations is a significant concern for IT leaders in multi-unit restaurants and large-scale catering. Apicbase’s SOC II, Type 2 Compliance, directly tackles this issue.  The compliance report assures that Apicbase has effective, proven systems for data […]

Discover the Digital Strategy Behind the UK’s Fastest-Growing Dessert Restaurant Franchise — Interview with Chris Conaghan of Heavenly Desserts

At the forefront of the UK’s culinary scene, Heavenly Desserts shines as a beacon of innovation. Founded in Derby, England, in 2008, this restaurant franchise skilfully navigates the challenge of blending traditional hospitality with a cutting-edge digital strategy.  Heavenly Desserts’ digital-first approach has significantly boosted operational efficiency and enhanced customer experiences, propelling them to become […]

Why Digitisation Is Complicating Decision-Making In Restaurants

Slapping on technology isn’t a magic fix.  It isn’t the antidote to the challenges of the restaurant industry. In fact, adding new tech can even complicate things more than it simplifies them.  Is this an odd statement coming from a tech CEO? Probably, but before you think I’ve lost my mind, allow me to explain.  […]