5 Ways Technology Helps Structurally Reduce Operating Costs in Restaurants 

Margins in the restaurant sector are wafer-thin. That is no news, but a problem that has existed for years. What ís new, however, is that affordable new technologies are increasingly tipping the scales towards greater profitability.  Restaurateurs that want to strengthen their bottom line must be able to keep costs under control. The trouble is […]

Technology Strategies For Hotels Are Outdated—The Hospitality Industry Should Embrace A New Scalable Approach

Every article about technology for the hospitality industry seems to start with a similar statement.  It goes something like: ‘advanced software rapidly pushes hotels in a revolutionary new direction’, followed by long lists of solutions with headings such as: ‘Best systems for the hospitality industry [implement today!].’  Whether investing in so many different technologies makes […]

The Apicbase Modules Explained | Why They Are The Backbone Of Multi-Site Restaurants

“What can Apicbase do for our _______?” Fill in the blank with: ‘100 hotel restaurants’…  ‘15 fast-casual outlets’, …  ‘a fine-dining franchise on three continents’, or…  ‘an emerging dark kitchen network.’ … and you get a question that lands in my inbox a few times every week. And, every time I see it, I have […]