KItchen management system for dark kitchens

Food Management Software for Dark Kitchens

Turn your dark kitchen into a streamlined, data-driven, production unit. Keep costs low, quality high and employees happy.

Deliver quality to every doorstep.

Optimise Production for Delivery-only Businesses

Reduce Overheads. Boost Efficiency.

Streamline Operations
Streamline operations. Keep track of food and beverage. Get reports on kitchen performance.
Increase Margins

Increase margins, cut waste & guarantee quality of production. Monitor intake, stock, costs.

Switch Menus Fast
Centralise recipes, technical sheets and methodologies - switch menus in a heartbeat.
Save Time
Automate kitchen admin. Save time on staff training with visual step-by-step cooking guides.

Turn your dark kitchen into a streamlined production unit

Stay ahead of the ever growing competition in the restaurant business.

Dark kitchens - also know as ghost restaurants, cloud kitchens and virtual kitchens - cater exclusively to the increasing home delivery market, eliminating customer seating and waiting areas.

The business model slashes rent costs and offers an answer to the high workforce turnover rate in the hospitality business. It also puts pressure on food production, since customers have no restaurant experience.
For a Dark Kitchen the importance of
  • Seamless production & planning,
  • Solid Standard Operating Procedures,
  • Accurate monitoring of costs,
  • Smart ordering,
  • Lean inventory,
  • Maximum menu flexibility &
  • Frictionless mise en place
is bigger than ever.

Apicbase streamlines, automates and monitors all critical kitchen operations.

We support delivery-only businesses with a cloud-based platform for the planning of production and procurement, a flexible mise en place, accurate food cost control and strong stock management.

Standardise recipes, technical sheets and methodologies.Switch menus in a heartbeat.

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