Restaurant API for Back of House Data

Fortify your tech ecosystem with powerful APIs

Connect everything. Our robust API endpoints make automated data sharing between your favourite software solutions easy.

Your tech solutions operate as one

Our APIs offer a simple, yet effective way to integrate the apps you rely on.

Collaborate instantly

Easily share data while maintaining security, control, and authentication.

Communicate in-depth

Let your tech solutions communicate on all levels without heavy coding.

Save on resources

Save time and money developing a solid ecosystem, without giving in on agility.

Advanced Automation. Improved Insights

Streamline operations, get unified business reports and cut costs.


Every sale depletes stock down to the raw ingredients.

Customer-facing apps

Automate the display of menu item availability across channels.


Instantly match purchase orders with corresponding invoices

Online menus

Populate your menus with the right allergen labels, nutritional information & pricing.

Built for the heavy demands of the F&B industry

Create a tech ecosystem for your food business without patch-up coding or shaky integrations.


Get accurate prime cost calculations by pulling in real-time staff rosters and the corresponding wages.

Menu engineering

Menu development is based on real-time product costings and sales data taken in from your ePOS systems.

FOH & BOH efficiencies

View your sales data, and push menu changes to kiosks, online menus and aggregator apps.

F&B Purchasing for Multi-Outlet Restaurants


Access resources and information stored in your Apicbase library safely via other solutions in your tech ecosystem.

Sync your systems

Whether it's a minor adjustment to your menu pricing or franchising your business, you don’t want data silos to slow you down. Our RESTful APIs share F&B data with your tech stack.

The whole process is powered by Apicbase—our production, stocktaking, procurement and customer-facing apps form an automated workflow.

Priyesh Patel