Food management software for catering businesses

Create Catering Menus with Nuclear Precision

Keep food cost low and inventory slim for corporate catering, on-site catering, event catering, retail catering and large-scale food production across multiple sites.

Manage quantities, production and procurement for your food business.

Optimise Production for your Catering business

Know what to order and get your portions just right.

Keep track of food waste, and quantities. Produce only what you need.
Your Margins

Monitor food costs and supplier prices. Know which recipes are unprofitable.

Order only what you need based on recipes and number of guests.
Profitable Menus
Feel confident about your menus and the quotes you send to customers.

I'd recommend Apicbase 100%. The system tells me if a menu yields a decent profit. Even better, it generates a complete production and order list. All we have to do is enter the number of portions.

Get a Bill of Materials for the Number of Guests

The best way to avoid food waste is to order no more ingredients than you need. Getting the order list right, however, is hard.

With Apicbase it is easy. Enter the number of portions you need, and you get a full bill of materials. Send it to your supplier, and that is it.

Apicbase takes the items you have in stock into account, as well as the different packaging options you're supplier has on offer.

This way, you minimise waste and generate purchasing lists with nuclear precision.
Bill of Materials

Work out Food Quantities for Catering Events with the Touch of a Button

The most challenging task in catering is calculating the food portions for the number of guests and the type of event you have.

You don't want people to go home hungry, but you also don't want to have leftovers.

There is nothing more devastating to a caterer than the sight of a half-eaten buffet. Every portion wasted cuts deep into the profit margin.

Not only because of the avoidable food costs but also because of the labour costs. Someone had to prepare those wasted portions. They represent avoidable wages and a production capacity that could have been put to better use elsewhere.

Apicbase gets you the data you need to harmonise production and demand.

The system keeps track of your production history and food waste; and helps you to bulletproof your menus.

And with the touch of a button works out the food quantities you need for your event.

Get Food Costs, Dish Margins and Total Profit per Catering Event

Gut feeling is excellent for creating recipes, but unreliable when running a business.

You need accurate data like food costs, profit margins, food waste, stock status and value and procurement details.

Apicbase keeps track of all metrics so you won't have to struggle with spreadsheets.

All the data you need to grow your business are ready for you when you open up the laptop.
See how Apicbase helps to optimise the production and profitability of your catering menus.
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Stay on Top of Supplier Pricing. Optimise Quotes and Recipes to Protect Your Bottom Line.

Ingredient prices change constantly. The recipe costings you did 6 weeks ago have hardly anything to do with the quote you are about to send to a customer.

Take a beautiful piece of fish; pricing can vary up to 25% per week. That's the difference between a nice profit and barely turning break-even.

It's no fun to work hard and hardly make any money. Apicbase tells you when you should switch halibut for delicious whiting.

Pick and choose the recipes that protect your bottom line and feel confident when sending out quotes or developing menus.

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