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Restaurant Software for general managers

General Manager

Grow your restaurant with Apicbase's back-of-house solution. It’s designed to increase profitability, reduce food costs, and redefine operational excellence.

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One Platform, Total Control

Our online solution integrates seamlessly with your existing ecosystem. You can access real-time reports from any device, allowing you to make data-driven decisions quickly and easily.

All-in-one Solution

Access your restaurants' data in one location. Manage sales, recipes, menus, inventory, procurement, food safety, and suppliers in one place.

Unified Ecosystem

Apicbase integrates with your current systems, enabling seamless communication and offering actionable insights based on real-time information.

Less Work, More Efficiency

Apicbase simplifies back-of-house management, reduces staff workload and minimises errors. This efficiency gives you time to focus on the guest experience.

Boost Performance

With our real-time dashboards and reports, you can track key metrics, and make informed decisions to boost performance with ease and confidence.

Achieve Your Business Goals

Dynamic Reporting

Access the statistics and insights you need to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere. 

Cut Food Costs

Our inventory and procurement management tools are designed to help you cut costs and maximise profit margins.

Five-Star Support

Apicbase’s world-class customer service team is ready to help with technical questions, ensuring your success every step of the way.

Empower Your Staff

Easy Communication

Sales, recipe, inventory and purchasing information are captured, stored, analysed and accessible to those who need to know. 

One Source, No Spreadsheets

With all the information your staff needs in one place, there is no need for cumbersome data transfers or Excel printouts.  

Freedom to Move

On a tablet, Apicbase goes with you to store rooms, walk-in fridges, or the loading dock for stock counts, ingredient picking, or receiving.

Discover Apicbase

Maximise profitability and support kitchen staff with Apicbase, the leading back-of-house management system for food service operators.

Insights Hub

Make the right call at every turn. You get powerful performance dashboards packed with graphs and charts that help you track growth and spot discrepancies.

Inventory Management

Our POS integration gives your kitchen team real-time inventory visibility, minimising food waste and time-consuming manual counts.

Easy Purchasing

Apicbase eliminates guesswork and simplifies ordering from suppliers. Our purchase orders are driven by real-time inventory and historical sales data. And you can order from all suppliers from one location.

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How to Protect Margins in the Face of Declining Sales

Now that revenues are uncertain, cost control is more important than ever. Food cost weighs heavily on profits.

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