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5 Key Areas For Faster ROI From Digital Transformation In Hospitality

The hospitality industry, like any industry, benefits from digitisation and automation. Apicbase partner Yollty, a loyalty software based in Luxembourg, takes a closer look at the critical areas of digital transformation in hospitality. New technologies that optimise workflows are emerging and help restaurateurs maximize their restaurant’s efficiency and profit margins while minimizing costs.  Digitization of […]

What Is An API And Why Is It A Game Changer? 

APIs are game-changers for the restaurant industry and its pursuit of digital transformation and data-driven operations. In this article, we explore how APIs work and their applications and benefits for the restaurant industry.   In an industry increasingly dominated by digital tools, APIs connect the growing number of data sources into one unified ecosystem. Technology is […]

Why Dark Kitchens Are Revolutionizing The Delivery World?

Apicbase partner Rushour aggregates your online orders, allowing you to manage them from a single tablet. In this article, the RusHour team shares their views on the benefits of the so-called “Dark Kitchen” phenomenon. You’ve probably already heard of the Dark Kitchen, haven’t you? Often perceived as a direct competition to “classic” restaurants, these two […]

Financial Benefits of Building Efficient Workflows in Restaurants

There are many ways to optimise resources in the restaurant industry but strategic planning should be a priority. It allows for more efficient workflows that greatly benefit restaurants. Apicbase partner It’s Enjoyable, a Gastronomic Consulting Firm based in Spain, shares its approach to building efficient workflows that enable substantial financial benefits.  Product Reception First things […]

Benefits of the omnichannel strategy for restaurants


Just a few years ago, omnichannel was a concept that was applied mainly by e-commerce and retail brands in an effort to align their channels and offer customers a better experience. Today, it is a successful operational model that is used in more and more industries, including the restaurant industry. The omnichannel approach goes further […]