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Restaurant Software for Finance managers

Finance Manager

Refine your restaurant's finances with Apicbase. You get a detailed overview of the revenues and expenses of all branches, allowing you to create accurate budgets and effectively control profit and loss figures.

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Unified Platform

Apicbase streamlines your restaurant's back-of-house operations. You get access to real-time food costs, menu performance and sales, so you can take immediate action if profits are at risk.

Dashboard Driven Excellence

Apicbase brings sales, procurement and unit performance together on a single platform. You control expenses and revenues in user-friendly dashboards. High profit and low admin, that's what we're all about.

Integrated Ecosystem

Apicbase synchronises POS with inventory and integrates seamlessly with popular accounting systems - all the data you need to manage performance is brought together in one simple workflow.

In-depth Reports

Daily pulse checks or long-term trend reports. You can distribute financial data as you see fit. What you get is a detailed picture of your restaurant's financial health and a clear path for further growth.

Multi-unit Monitoring

Track the purchasing behaviour and sales mix of multiple units simultaneously. Set benchmarks, compare performance and detect deviations long before they can hurt the bottom line.

Increase Restaurant Profitability

Sales & Menu Analytics

Apicbase delivers clear insights into menu costs and sales patterns. When you advise the management team on pricing, menu or marketing strategies, you can be sure that your recommendations are always based on irrefutable data.

CoGS Control

Monitor and manage your restaurant’s expenses with precision. Apicbase tracks cost evolutions at the ingredient, recipe and menu levels. This strategic approach safeguards your profit margins and paves the way for sustainable growth.

Demand Forecasting

Using historical sales, Apicbase forecasts your restaurant’s future product needs. This ensures you stock just the right amount, preventing wastage and stock-outs, and optimising inventory costs.

Discover Apicbase for Finance Managers

Maximise profitability with Apicbase, the leading F&B management solution for large-scale food service operations.

One Platform, Total Control

Make informed decisions at every step. Apicbase is packed with advanced dashboards and reporting tools that allow you to monitor performance and plan a growth strategy.

Inventory Management

The insights Apicbase provides help you keep operations in line with budgets and targets. With one system, you can optimise purchasing, control stock, reduce food waste and increase profits. 

Purchasing Precision

Apicbase keeps track of purchase orders, deliveries and supplier performance, streamlining the process of matching POs with invoices. This end-to-end approach, enhances cost control and minimises the risk of human error. 

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Founder of Bright Kitchen

How to Protect Margins in the Face of Declining Sales

Now that revenues are uncertain, cost control is more important than ever. Food cost weighs heavily on profits.

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