Food and beverage management system for restaurants

Food and Beverage Management Software for Restaurants

Manage kitchen operations, reduce costs, deliver constant quality and keep employees happy.

Boost your bottom line without increasing prices.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Add business intelligence to culinary creativity
Grow Profit

Get food cost calculations, cut waste, monitor margins and receive crystal clear insights.

Streamline workflows
Keep track of operations. Plan mise en place. Organise kitchen tasks. Evaluate progress.
Centralise IP
Centralise recipes, menus, allergen info, media and procedures for all outlets in one dashboard.
Save Time
Automate kitchen administration. Monitor inventory digitally, get smart order suggestions.

How to increase your bottom line without raising prices?

The market for food services grows exponentially, but competition is fierce. Restaurant businesses everywhere are looking for ways to reduce costs while keeping quality high.

Kitchen operations have long remained a blindspot.
Cost efficiency, however, entails keeping track of food cost, orders and inventory, kitchen procedures in short. Spreadsheets can do the job, but they are time-consuming and often inaccurate.

Also, if you are planning to open more than one site, Excel worksheets quickly become unworkable. Before you know it, you'll be buried in them, and still feel like food cost control is little more than educated guesswork, stock a black box and procurement will remain cumbersome as ever.
Apicbase F&B management software streamlines, automates and monitors all of these procedures. This gives business owners, chefs and food and beverage managers valuable insights into food production and saves them lots of time.

Time they can spend on doing what they do best: developing delicious meals, managing operations and training their team.

As a result quality goes up, costs go down, and employees are happy.
See how Apicbase improves your workflows

A single platform to manage all kitchen processes is a joy to work with. It gives me control over operations.

Etienne le Duc
Manager at Bunk Hotels, Utrecht, The Netherlands

More reasons to love Apicbase

Professional Restaurant Management Software
Manage Multiple Outlets

Centralize and optimize. Manage multiple outlets in one dashboard and keep track of performance. Attribute menus and recipes to specific outlets.

Accessible Anywhere
Your business at your fingertips. Count inventory on a tablet, look up sales statistics in a meeting or check orders while on the phone with a supplier.
Add Multiple Users
You are in control. Choose which team member has access to what information. Manage data entry and user rights.

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