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Restaurant Software for Tech Leads

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Our SaaS platform offers a secure, scalable solution for back-of-house operations that integrates seamlessly into your restaurant's technical ecosystem.

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Digital Backbone for F&B and Sales

Get a cloud-based solution that centralises inventory, recipe, procurement management, and data analytics.

System Integration and Efficiency

Apicbase is designed to integrate. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your POS system, suppliers, accounting programmes, staff scheduling and official databases for food allergens.

Scalable IT Infrastructure

As your company expands, so does Apicbase. Our platform is built for growth. It accommodates new locations, suppliers or increased demand without any changes to your IT infrastructure.

Robust Security

Apicbase's fortified cloud infrastructure enhances data security, empowering you to protect confidential information and fortify your business against potential cybersecurity threats.

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Thanks to the operational efficiencies you gain with Apicbase, you have more time and resources to drive innovation and digital transformation in your organisation.

Compliance and Reliability


Our resources for IT leaders offer extensive API documentation, detailed change logs, and overviews of security measures and compliance certifications.

Single Sign On

Simplify access and maximise security with Single Sign-On: one secure login for all Apicbase modules, saving time and safeguarding your operation’s data.

SOC 2, Type II

Apicbase is the leading F&B management platform for large enterprises. Our SOC 2, Type II compliance ensures the highest standards of data security and operational integrity.

Discover Apicbase for Tech Leads

Create a robust tech ecosystem that scales with your organisation. 

API Documentation

Our open API endpoints offer rich information, allowing you to pull and push data seamlessly across your systems from KDS, to kiosk, POS, BI, data warehousing and everything in between.

Active Integrations

Apicbase offers dozens of ready-to-use integrations, streamlining your operations and reducing your workload. If your tech partners aren’t on the list. Let us know. We are open to integration.

Trust & Compliance

A third-party expert continuously monitors our cloud infrastructure, endpoints, corporate procedures, and enterprise risk to identify potential security flaws or privacy gaps quickly.


The status page gives you instant visibility into system health, uptime statistics, and incident reports, which are crucial for maintaining seamless foodservice operations.


Our changelogs detail critical updates, so you can stay informed and strategically manage the integration of new features and system enhancements.

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