Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Keep tabs on stock, without daily counts

Automate your inventory management with software for multi-unit restaurants. Keep food and beverage stock accurate down to the raw ingredients. And save time on your F&B stock counts with our barcode scanner app.

Close the inventory gap

Zero-in on variance between actual and theoretical stock levels.

Record stock events with an app

Your teams can register all stock movements in the restaurant inventory app. The goal is to bring inventory variance down to zero.

Minimise shrinkage

How much of stock has gone dark? Pinpoint the pitfalls, notify your teams and take action to improve procedures.

Know your actual food cost

Don’t rely on the P&L reports alone to understand the health of your restaurant operation. Track cost and margin evolutions real-time in dedicated performance dashboards.

Deplete inventories down to the raw ingredients

Get real-time inventory levels. Don’t rely on manual stock counts alone. Dedicated food inventory software will save your staff time, while your management teams have access to accurate purchasing and food waste data in professional dashboards.

Real-time stock depletion

Break down the wall between front and back of house. Every sale registered in your EPOS-systems automatically depletes stock down to the raw ingredients.

Digital stock counts

Getting grip on the counts is vital for inventory control. Employees can take stock on a userfriendly tablet. Every count is automatically logged in the system.

Production automatically adjusts stock

F&B inventory management is different from regular warehousing. Ingredients are processed and move in and out of stockrooms without leaving the kitchen. Keep track of ingredient depletion and production of stockable items.

Barcode scanning

Why make things complicated? Simply scan packages upon delivery or when doing counts. The data instantly registers in the inventory app and adjusts the corresponding quantities and values throughout the system.

Save time
taking stock and get all the data in one go

Ensure operational consistency in procurement and food waste tracking with dedicated restaurant inventory management software for multi-unit operations.

Generate bills of materials & purchase orders

Turn BoMs into POs for individual suppliers in one click. Inventory levels are automatically taken into account to determine the quantities your employees have to order.

Never run out of supplies

Set minimum inventory levels for ingredients and sub-recipes and get notified when stock is running low. Shortages are a thing of the past thanks to the easy restaurant inventory tracking app for your kitchen teams.

Always meet the demand

Make sure critical items are available at all times. Set par levels and instantly re-stock up to par by sending orders to your preferred wholesale food suppliers straight from your restaurant inventory management tool.

Keep stock turnover high

Prevent overstocks and inventory shrinkage. Order what you need, when you need it and nothing more. Our food inventory software keeps track of the stock levels in your restaurants via a deep POS integration.

Understand the health of your back of house

Don’t wait three months for the P&L, but detect profit leaks immediately, and plug the cause of the gap.

Take control of your CoGS. Automate inventory tracking with restaurant management software

Monitor back of house performance group-wide

Catch errors before they inflate food costs and hammer down your dish margins.

Track restaurant inventory performance across all your outlets

Restaurant inventory management user permissions

Apicbase calculates the exact amounts we need to order for each outlet. I can’t say how many hours we’ve won, but it’s a lot.  

Fréderique van Alfen-Las

Project director Food and Beverages