Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Keep tabs on stock, without daily counts

Automate your inventory management with software for multi-unit restaurants. Keep food and beverage stock accurate down to the raw ingredients. And save time on inventory counts with our barcode scanner app.

Close the inventory gap

Apicbase's restaurant inventory software reduces the difference between your actual and theoretical inventory, increasing profitability at all your locations.

Reduce food waste

How much of your stock is unaccounted for, lost, or not tracked properly? Identify the pitfalls, notify your teams, and take action to improve procedures.

Understand actual food costs

Don’t rely on P&L reports alone to understand the health of your restaurants. Apicbase performance dashboards show the food costs and margins of each location in real-time.

Register stock movements with the app

Your teams can register all stock movements in the restaurant inventory app. The goal is to bring inventory variance down to zero.

Bring automation and precision to your restaurant inventory management

Apicbase's food inventory software saves time and gives your staff access to accurate purchasing and food waste data in professional dashboards.

Real-time stock depletion

Break down the wall between front and back of house. Every sale registered in your EPOS-systems automatically depletes stock down to the raw ingredients.

Measure the difference between actual and theoretical inventory

The difference between what should be in your fridges, freezers and pantries and what is actually there indicates how well your restaurants manage their inventory.

Keep track of semi-finished products

Apicbase software differentiates raw ingredients, semi-finished products, and finished items. It monitors all changes in inventory, ensuring every addition or use of ingredients and products is accurately tracked.

Barcode scanning

Why make things complicated? Simply scan packages upon delivery, and the data instantly syncs to the inventory app and adjusts the corresponding quantities and values throughout the system.

Get all the data in one go

Restaurant inventory management software ensures consistent procurement and optimal stock levels. Apicbase also generates data-driven insights to improve decision-making. The result is less food waste and lower food costs in all your F&B outlets, which greatly improves profitability.

Generate bills of materials & purchase orders

Apicbase takes into account real-time stock levels, future sales and minimum and par stock levels to generate precise purchase orders. With one click, your suppliers know exactly what to deliver and where, eliminating excess inventory or shortages.

food costing software supplier pricing updates

Never run out of supplies

Shortages are a thing of the past thanks to the easy restaurant inventory tracking app for your kitchen teams. Set minimum inventory levels for ingredients and sub-recipes, and get low stock alerts.

Always meet demand

Vendor management is key. Make sure critical items are available at all times. Set par levels and instantly re-stock up to par by sending orders to your preferred wholesale food suppliers straight from your restaurant inventory management tool.

Keep stock turnover high

Prevent overstocks and inventory shrinkage. Order what you need, when you need it — and nothing more. Apicbase food inventory software keeps track of the stock levels in your restaurants via a deep POS integration.

Understand the health of your back of house

Don’t wait three months for the P&L. Detect profit leaks immediately, and plug the gap.

Control COGS with automated inventory management

Monitor back of house performance group-wide

Catch errors before they inflate food costs and shrink your dish margins.

Track restaurant inventory performance across all your outlets

Track restaurant inventory performance across all your outlets

Apicbase calculates the exact amounts we need to order for each outlet. I can’t say how many hours it saves us, but it’s a lot.  

Fréderique van Alfen-Las

Project director Food and Beverages

Frequently asked questions

Apicbase offers a smart way to keep track of both the theoretical and actual inventory for your restaurant locations and central kitchens.

It seamlessly integrates with your Point of Sale (POS) system, automatically adjusting your theoretical inventory levels every time a sale is made. This means that every dish sold is immediately reflected in your stock, deducting the necessary raw ingredients, and providing your team with up-to-the-minute information about what’s available at their location.

For actual inventory tracking, your staff can easily use the Apicbase app on their phones or tablets. They can scan items using barcodes or QR codes, or even input stock details manually. This real-time updating ensures your dashboard always shows the latest data, including important figures like inventory variance and food cost percentages, helping you manage costs more effectively.

You can find more specific information on how inventory management works in Apicbase on our support website.

Yes. You can take stock in a walk-in fridge, cellar or any other place where they might be no Wi-Fi in your restaurants or kitchens. Apicbase updates stock levels and dashboards throughout the system as soon as a connection with the internet is available again.

No. Apicbase works on your laptop, tablet and phone. Apicbase is a cloud-based solution. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and you don’t need to invest in additional hardware.

Apicbase has integrations with all leading POS platforms, including Square, Lightspeed, Caspeco, Micros, Clover, Revel, UnTill, Deliverect and many more. View the full list of POS integrations here.

On average, Apicbase saves its customers 5% on food costs and 4 hours per week/unit. Here are some specific customer cases

Apicbase sends a notification to the appropriate person when stock is running low. Each stock item can be assigned a minimum level and a par level. Apicbase automatically creates purchase orders (PO) for your suppliers based on real-time stock and future demand or par levels. POs can also be created or modified manually.