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Make F&B Inventory Lean, Mean and Trackable

Stock no more than necessary, but enough for peak hours. Get automated inventory reports, track waste and save time on counts.

Go on! You’ll save time, optimize workflows,
minimize waste and grow profit.

35% of your revenue is tied up in perishable goods. A strong inventory system helps you to avoid losses and - more importantly - get active control over your profit margins.

Feel Confident About Inventory Value

How much restaurant capital is locked in stock?

If you are wondering how many spreadsheets you need to cross-reference for an estimated guess, you’ll feel a lot better knowing the answer is: none.

Get real-time inventory reports at the touch of a button. See historic evolutions and know when uncontrolled food waste due to theft, over portioning or squandering is killing your profit margins.

Quit Work an Hour Early

A restaurant inventory is about as elusive as time itself, and stock counts take forever.

Yet, inventory control is vital for the profitability of your business, so stock counts are inevitable. Or are they?

What if your inventory gets live updates? Integrate your POS with Apicbase. With every sale, Apicbase automatically adjusts your stock status on ingredient and sub-recipe level.

Since there is no need for lengthy inventory counts. Why not call it a day an hour early? Sweet!

Never Run Out of Supply. Prevent Overstocking

Nothing more devastating than a customer’s look when their favourite dish sold out, except perhaps the ‘how is this even possible?-look on the manager’s face.

How easy life could be with an ingredients alarm? *dreamy look*

It can be even better. Get curated bills of materials based on inventory status and desired portions.

An excellent tool to prevent overstocking and understocking; in other words to prevent food waste and unhappy customers.
"With the app to manage inventory, we were able to reduce food waste by 31%, and save 23 hours per month on stocktaking."

Ditch Pen and Paper. Count Stock Digitally

Remember when you were checking stockrooms holding a pen and paper, and then copying the numbers onto spreadsheets that are, to this day, collecting virtual dust in a folder marked ‘Inventory (Don’t touch!)’’?

That’s a whole lot of admin and time-wasted.

If you are doing a manual count to check whether your theoretical inventory matches up with the actual inventory, note the number directly in Apicbase on a tablet or phone and instantly update the stock throughout the system.

Any number of staff can do a count at the same time without messing up the results.

Get a Grip on Food Waste

Food Waste is the number one revenue killer. It inflates food costs like nothing else. Luckily food waste is manageable.

The first step to managing food waste is to understand when and why it happens and how much the losses impact your profit.

With so many people working in the kitchens, keeping tabs on controllable food waste is easier said than done. Even when everybody diligently jots down weight or quantity of lost produce and materials, it is still a hassle to make sense of all the data.

In Apicbase staff can record waste on a tablet or even their own phone. The software takes care of all else and provides you with the insights you need to reduce food waste and increase margins.

Know Where to Look When Things Go Wrong

In a food operation business, a thousand things are all happening at the same time.

Especially in your kitchens, where menu engineering, inventory, procurement and production all have to be in sync to ensure cost-efficiency.

When margins start shrinking where do you begin your search for a cure?

The variance report narrows the scope of your search. It compares what was supposed to happen with what actually happened.

Follow Stock Transfers Between Your Outlets

Transferring inventory items between two, or more, of your own sites, can set you up for a host of admin and stock counting issues, that end in ingenious workarounds that come bite you in the behind soon after.

The likely result is writing of unused inventory or your teams going on a quest for the phantom stock item. In both cases, it is costing your business time and money.

Add a simple stock transfer in Apicbase and follow inventory through your operations as if it there was a visible dotted line between ‘goods send’ and ‘goods received’.
Inventory Transfer stock between food outlets

More reasons to love Apicbase

Professional Restaurant Management Software
Manage Multiple Outlets

Centralize and optimize. Manage multiple outlets in one dashboard and keep track of performance. Attribute menus and recipes to specific outlets.

Accessible Anywhere
Your business at your fingertips. Count inventory on a tablet, look up sales statistics in a meeting or check orders while on the phone with a supplier.
Add Multiple Users
You are in control. Choose which team member has access to what information. Manage data entry and user rights.

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