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Join thousands of foodservice units already using Apicbase as the backbone of their F&B operations. Digitalise your back of house.

Multi-Unit Restaurants

You can't be everywhere at once. But building a restaurant business requires a high degree of control. Apicbase gives you full visibility of what's going on at every store.

Back of house operations are notoriously complicated. A gazillion moving parts have to operate as one. Apicbase connects the dots.

Our platform gives you a clear-cut dashboard to manage your growth. So you can track spending in your stores and optimise operations.

With spots at Roskilde Festival, several hospitality awards on the shelve and 8 physical stores so far, this Danish pokè chain is growing with lightning speed. They use Apicbase to keep tabs on inventory in all locations, to optimise procurement, and minimise waste.

CitizenM is taking the world by storm. They’ve broken down a hotel’s operation into its core elements and built it back up in a unrivaled way, with Apicbase as its F&B backbone, in sync with the ERP. Our platform is the chain’s single source of truth for recipes, purchasing and food costs.


Break out of data silos. Imagine this... every morning your teams - local and worldwide - open their laptop and access the same updated F&B data.

That’s Apicbase. We connect your hotel units and local outlets to a centralised database, so everybody is looking at the same information—your chefs, supply chain managers, finance teams…everybody.

Apicbase automates cost and margin calculations and generates purchasing forecasts. The IT department has access to a robust set of APIs to support your hotel’s tech ecosystem.

Apicbase is a huge time saver. I recommend it 200%.

John King

Executive Chef

Dark Kitchens

Your ghost kitchen network is expanding rapidly, and it is vital to stay on top of performance. To support the growth you have to keep a tight lid on prime costs at every unit.

Apicbase turns your kitchens into data-driven production units. It brings your back of house processes into view end-to-end. With those insights you can continue to optimise your operations for the heavy demands of the food delivery market.

This dark kitchen franchise is making huge waves worldwide with its scalable brands, kitchens and logistics. The focus is outstanding meals. The fuel is business intelligence. In Apicbase, they capture & analyse the F&B data and manage the orders to their central kitchens.

Apicbase helps us decide which menus to kill, how to optimise procedures and how to better deal with food cost.

Rens Bekkers

CEO - Bright Kitchen


You are preparing for several events at the same time. You need to navigate your recipe database with ease and build efficient production plans, while keeping a keen eye on the CoGS.

In Apicbase, going from recipes to fully calculated bills of materials, purchase orders and production plans is a matter of a few clicks. Simply enter the number of portions required and watch the magic unfold.

You can combine projects to minimise waste, save time on production and secure better deals with your vendors.

Your Hospitality Group is a major-league catering company in Belgium. They run multiple brands, venues, restaurants and four-star events. Apicbase centralise the extensive operation in an easy-to-manage dashboard, providing oversight and insight in spending, production and logistcs.

Tastyoo, a food start-up of the Ahold-Delhaize group, develops high-end ready meals and innovative food products for delivery. In Apicbase, they manage the comprehensive product catalogue, tech sheets, F&B stocks and food costs.

Meal Kit

Your product catalogue is constantly growing. All these delicious meals have to be documented correctly. Moreover, they must include easy-to-read cooking instructions, calorie counts, allergen labels and nutritional value calculations.

Apicbase collects your recipes, ingredients and tech sheets in an easy-to-navigate central database in the cloud.

Our platform adds allergen labels according to the ingredients used and calculates the nutritional values for your recipe boxes. The Apicbase API populates your website with real-time dietary information.

Food Manufacturing

You need to match product development and production with demand, while keeping close tabs on prime costs and your tech sheets up to date.

Apicbase is a fully equipped F&B workshop and database for your food manufacturing company. 

Your teams have access to a dedicated cloud lab where they can manage ideas, develop new products, optimise tech sheets, plan production & monitor execution.​

Verstegen is a renowned Dutch spice and sauce production company and a European food powerhouse. The company keeps the entire chain, from farmer to consumer, in its own hands. To push the product data to their customer-facing websites, they rely on robust Apicbase APIs.