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Foodservice Production Planning Software

Plan production end-to-end.
In seconds

Set up fully calculated production plans. Assign tasks to people and workstations and keep track of progress - all in one place, for your entire enterprise.

Get big things done faster

Food production is your core activity. Make it run like clockwork, not like paperwork.

Manage execution

Drag and drop recipes to build plans per outlet. Assign tasks to staff members and monitor progress.

Safeguard consistency

Production tasks include detailed instructions for prepping and plating to ensure perfect results at every unit.

Avoid wastage

Get flawlessly calculated batch quantities based on actual demand. It’s your ticket to reliable food cost control.

Plan the work and work the plan

A clear-cut timeline with detailed tasks keeps your operation on track.

Make local plans or share group-wide

Adjust prep plans to accommodate local requirements. Or roll out at the enterprise level.

Avoid gaps in the prep flow

The system generates detailed purchase suggestions based on stock levels at the selected location. Ingredients will be on hand when you need them.

Central Kitchens

Auto-generate complete production plans for incoming orders from branch kitchens.

Start with the end in mind

Select an outlet, choose recipes or menus, enter the number of portions and map out your entire production flow in a flash.

Turn plans into Reliable SOPs

Save full production plans and leverage them as standard operating plans. Ready to deploy.

Turn BoMs into purchase orders

Your bills-of-materials - for recipes, menus, production plans and menu plans - are turned into purchase orders for each supplier. One click. No more.

Ensure Consistency of Prep Across Stores

For food production to run like clockwork, countless moving parts have to be in sync. Apicbase makes sure they do.

Prep batches and save time

For recipes or sub-recipes that share ingredients, the system calculates exact batch quantities for the entire project.

Food production planning in a calendar view

Schedule tasks in a roster

Plan ahead. Roster jobs in the production calendar and get a clear overview of to-dos.

Assign jobs and responsibilities

Everyone understands what is expected of them AND what counts as ‘a job done’.

Provide detailed instructions

Every task holds guidelines to ensure perfect execution and group-wide consistency.

Keep track of progress

Avoid hick-ups or delays. Check-up on production in a specific location or monitor group-wide. Take action to keep production going.

Auto-update inventory levels

The theoretical stock statuses in your production units decrease or increase with the progress of production.

Dial-in Mise-en-Place. Every. Single. Time.

Help your teams excel without getting tangled up in admin or project management.

Plan food production without spreadsheets

The 1-2 punch between BoM and PO

Procure only what you’ll prep and prep no more than you need. Your bills of materials and purchase orders are generated automatically.

Apicbase helps us streamline our back of house operations. It enables us to deliver a consistent product across sites and teams. And we remain in control of CoGS at any given time.

Julian Kirwan

Executive Chef