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Restaurant Food Traceability Software

Meet traceability regulations without tedious admin

Apicbase's traceability restaurant software tracks food at every stage of production and distribution, allowing you to comply with regulations, avoid high recall costs and free your staff of paperwork. Ideal for production kitchens, CPUs and meal production working at scale.

Avoid high recall costs

In case of a problem, not every product needs to be recalled. Apicbase knows exactly which batches are affected.

Create and Scan Lot Numbers

Trace your supply chain, down to individual ingredients, by scanning the unique lot numbers with the Apicbase app.

From Raw Materials to Final Destination

At the touch of a button, you get a full history of every item in your stock, its current status or destination, and nutritional details.

One Source of Truth for Reporting

Print or export detailed traceability reports in PDF or Excel. The traceability of your food products is documented end-to-end.

Save Time. Unburden Staff

Track food through all stages without burdening your staff with time-consuming paper-work.

Traceability restaurant software for food manufacturing at scale

If you run a central production kitchen or prepare F&B products not intended for immediate consumption, this software is for you. It helps you comply with complex regulations on traceability and avoid high costs in case of a recall.

Digital & real-time

Apicbase’s traceability technology for food is paperless. Every step in your production process is recorded within the same online system. You can monitor lot numbers in real-time.

User logging

Who did what, and when? The tool automatically records each action in the system, the staff member who performed it and the time at which it took place.

Superfast label printing

The traceability module supports super-fast thermal label printer, so your teams can complete their HACCP related tasks at lightning speed.

Log every critical step

A production kitchen has many moving parts. The software logs all essential steps: intake of raw materials, stock picking for batch production, manufacturing + repackaging and delivery.

Waste recording

The traceability system is a closed loop thanks to the option for food waste registration. That means every ingredient and product is accounted for, no matter what happens.

Trace food

Apicbase's restaurant food traceability software tracks and documents raw materials through every stage of processing and distribution. All your employees have to do is scan the lot-codes. Traceability logs are automatically updated and ready for inspection.

Backward traceability

Trace finished products back to the ingredients, their suppliers (one step back) and other batches in which these ingredients were used.

Forward traceability

Track which end products raw materials have been processed into, including data on delivery to the end customer (one step forward).

Internal/external traceability

The link between all components of a product is maintained and documented from start to finish, both inside and outside the restaurant (including seasonings, marinades, packaging, etc.).

Integrated with your inventory

Raw materials that are scanned for intake automatically update the stock levels of that location. Stock items scanned for production in turn deplete your theoretical inventory.

Integrated with your production plans

Stock items are automatically attributed to your production plans, making ingredients traceable on batch level. New (semi-)finished products automatically update the inventory status.

Strengthen inventory transparency

A solid traceability system facilitates smooth inventory, logistics and distribution processes and helps reduce response times in the event of product recalls, minimizing disruption.

Empower your teams through automation

Save 3-4 FTEs With Food Traceability Software

Leverage your data to improve the supply chain. Don’t let procurement blind spots inflate CoGS.

Thanks to Apicbase, we can efficiently trace which ingredient was used where and to whom the products were delivered. Apicbase developed the module with dedication and intensive cooperation, enabling us to comply with complex traceability regulations.

Mark Snel

Head of Product