Order, deliver & receive from the central kitchen to stores

Keep track of orders. Inventories at all sites are updated instantly. Match sourcing and production at your central production unit with the orders from local restaurants.

Build a well-oiled machine

The back of house data of every new location is integrated with the CPU to ensure timely deliveries, seamless production and consistent quality.

Place order

Send orders from your outlets to your central kitchen with the same ease and efficiency as ordering a book online.

Monitor status

Optimise production, intake & shipping procedures. Every step of the transfer is registered and traceable.

Automate stock

Sent items instantly deplete the inventory of the CPU and received items top up the stock of your outlets.

Put an engine on production

Drop the admin and steam ahead.

Centralise and Optimise

Local units have access to first class back of house tools to support operations and communicate efficiently with your central kitchen and vice versa.

Boost restaurant operations

Every step of the internal supply chain is visible in the system, making it easy to identify opportunities for process optimisation, detect margin leakages and curb inflated food costs.

Match sourcing and production at your central production unit with the orders from local restaurants.

Align ordering, production and shipping.

No more bodged stock counts or bogus food cost calculations because of missing items or ghost deliveries.

Efficient production planning

Align production plans at your central kitchen with the orders from multiple outlets. Chefs and kitchens teams have quick access to menus, SOPs and tech sheets to ensure product consistency.

Production planning at your central kitchen
Check inventory levels at your central kitchen

Ensure product availability

Always meet the demand. Add items to orders from outlets on the fly to keep shelves stacked with just the right amount of (semi)-finished products. Inventory status on both ends is updated automatically.

Procurement tech for pros

Go from multiple internal orders to clean bills of materials and purchase orders in just two clicks. The commissary kitchens are always ready to kick production into gear.

Easily keep track of inventory and orders at your central kitchen
Waste management at your central kitchen

Always consider inventory levels

Every purchase order automatically takes your stock levels into account, both at your central kitchen and the local restaurant, so you never purchase more than you need. Put a lit on wastage.

Never run out of supplies

Set minimum inventory levels and receive a notification when stocks are running low. Stock up to par levels in a flash.

central kitchen inventory solution

Central Kitchen Management Software

Get a simple and efficient way for your restaurant locations to purchase goods from your central kitchen.

After much research and feedback from industry people, we knew Apicbase was the solution we needed. It is the most complete and professional package.

Jef Poppe

Sous chef