Menu Planning Software

Plan ahead. Forecast everything

Your one-touch kitchen management tool. Enter portions and get a complete overview of the back-of-house processes, down to the smallest financial details.

End-to-end planning tool

Schedule menus daily, per cycle or category. Apicbase automates everything.

Numbers crunching

Apicbase takes recipes, vendors and stock levels into account and instantly delivers a full breakdown of the work that lies ahead.

Production plans

Get a bill of materials and a clear timeline of the tasks at hand. It’s your roadmap to getting things done on-time and to ensure production runs like clockwork.

Purchasing schedules

Apicbase generates a full procurement schedule, so you know what to order when. Align with the production plans and vendor capacities.

Full financial breakdown

Understand the project’s turnover, margins and costs before you spend a cent. Optimise your offer to ensure profitability and viability.

If you sync your workflows,

you’ll maximise efficiencies of labour planning, ingredient sourcing and prepping.

Fully automated planning

Drag & drop your menus and recipes in a calendar. Watch the Apic-Magic unfold.

Timely purchase orders

Generate multiple POs for individual suppliers taking inventory levels, lead-time and packaging options into account.

No more dicey calculations

Get fully fleshed out bills-of-materials, ready to go. No matter the size of the operation.

Dial-in production every time

Start chopping and dicing with maximum efficiency. The step-by-step production plans, including assigned tasks and tech sheets, reduce wastage and they avoid staffing headaches.

Forecast investment, output and return

F&B processes are complex. Why make them more complicated? Apicbase generates a complete plan with purchasing and production timelines including detailed financials.

Apicbase takes care of something super complex. It provides insight into all our food flows. It allows us to develop a business founded on reliable data.

Rens Bekkers

Bright Kitchen