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Secrets To Restaurant Success With Alen Mansour of Mocca Deli

Alen Mansour - Mocca Deli

When three experienced hospitality brothers join forces, you can expect fireworks.

Mocca deli is a place for all-day dining, drinking and enjoying life.

It has everything that makes hospitality irresistible: great coffee, delicious food and every type of drink one can desire.

Before Mocca Deli Tony, Salle and Alen Mansour were each working in their own corner of the food world: a coffee shop, a fine-dining restaurant and a cocktail bar.

One day, they said to each other, “let’s do it all in location and create a place where guests can come all day and hang out all night.” The only additional condition was that the quality had to be high and prices affordable.

A new concept was born.

Today, Mocca Deli is a thriving franchise, and despite its seven restaurants, it has lost none of its original heart and soul.

“We run a big operational machine, but for the guests, it should feel like home,” Tony says.

“We aim for repeat customers. The average customer comes in three times a week. Some even drop by multiple times a day – they grab a coffee in the morning, lunch around noon and then dip back in after work for a drink with colleagues.”    

“We operate like a fast food restaurant, but with a superior level of quality, both in food and service,” Tony says. To maintain the level of quality, the brothers run a robust program.

Starting with:

🍝 Menu development – “Each new dish is fully calculated to ensure a good margin. All ingredients are negotiated with suppliers, and the recipe is developed so that each plate can be produced with speed without compromising on quality.”

🧑‍💻 Work hard – “We expect every franchisor to work full-time in their restaurant. From experience we know, they will turn a bigger turnover that way. We take care of manuals, guidelines, quality checks, branding and the supply chain. The concept has proven itself many times over, but for it to work as we envision it, the captain has to be on-site.”

The Mensour brothers are looking to expand further through franchising. The master franchise for Germany, Norway and Spain is ready. Candidates are welcome for an introduction.

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