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Secrets to Restaurant Success with Peter Schimpl of L’Osteria, Germany 

Peter Schimpl - L'Osteria

I’ve listened to Peter’s episode three times in a row, and I’ll probably listen to it again on my way home later today.  His talk with Carl on The Food Service Growth Show is basically a template for the digital transformation of multi-site restaurant operations. Peter Schimpl is the VP of Digital & IT at […]

Secrets to Restaurant Success with Simon Wanler of Bastard Burgers, Sweden

Simon Wanler - Bastard Burgers

Simon would be a successful leader in any industry. He has a sharp mind, clear vision, and drive. But that is not what makes him different. Many CEOs have those qualities. It is his self-awareness. He is confident but also aware of his limitations. And be bold in asking for help. Not everyone dares to […]

The Gastroflüsterer: Social Media Phenomenon and Restaurant Owner with a Mission

Kemal Üres is a successful hospitality entrepreneur in Germany with a huge online following.  As the Gastroflüsterer, he has a total of nearly 720,000 followers on social media. His fascinating videos get millions of views in German-speaking countries.  Gastroflüsterer is translated as ‘hospitality whisperer’. Through his alter ego, Kemal Üres helps other hospitality entrepreneurs. On […]

Secrets to Restaurant Success with Misa Järvinen of Restel, Taco Bell Finland

Misa is a food service operations maestro. Her skill and passion ensure that the restaurants run like clockwork. The proof? 15 years of experience working in fast casual dining and QSR. Today Misa Järvinen is in charge of operations at Taco Bell Finland, operated by Restel Oy. In The Food Service Growth Show, she talks […]

Secrets to Restaurant Success with Michael Oettl of Hans im Glück

“Our franchisees are true entrepreneurs. They invest not just capital but their heart and soul into the business. This commitment is what drives them to go beyond the expected, to push boundaries where even the best employees might not”, says Franchising Director Michael Oettl.  Those of you who, like Michael, have been in the trenches […]

Secrets to Restaurant Success with Christian Brandt of Jagger and Otto Pizza

Scaling a fast-casual concept requires passion, precision, and persistence. 🍔🍕 Here’s how Christian turned a simple idea into a thriving burger and pizza group. Christian Brandt is the visionary behind Jagger and Otto Pizza. In the latest episode of The Food Service Growth Show, he shares the vision and strategy that allowed them to keep […]

Secrets to Restaurant Success with Kristjan Longar of Urban Italian Group

“It’s easy to build a nice dish, but can you also reproduce it 400 times?” Scaling up a casual dining concept is a challenge.  So many things can go horribly wrong. Consistency, profitability and brand identity are constantly on the line. Not if you are Kristjan Longar. The COO of Urban Italian Group eats these […]

Secrets to Restaurant Success With Heidi Stirkkinen of Kotipizza Group

Heidi Stirkkinen, the powerhouse CEO of Kotipizza Group, Finland, unveils the secrets behind managing 280 franchisees and multiple restaurant concepts. 📈 The cornerstone of Kotipizza’s success “is our 2000 employees and the franchisees leading them.” 💡 Heidi’s Golden Rule: “The profitability of our partners is key. We are committed to being a responsible franchisor.” 🚀 […]

Secrets To Restaurant Success With Robert Greller of Peter Pane

“Tech reduces the burden of daily work, giving our staff more time to do what they love most.” Robert James Greller is Head of Digital at Peter Pane Burgergrill & Bar, a much-loved hamburger restaurant with over 50 locations in Germany. And he’s a badass at his job. During covid, Robert managed to set up a basic online […]