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2024 Restaurant Industry Report

This report provides a comprehensive insight into:



What lies ahead for restaurant leaders? Discover the challenges, solutions and opportunities

The restaurant industry in Europe is evolving. Several transformations are happening simultaneously, blurring the bigger picture

This report provides a clear picture of the changing foodservice market. It is based on interviews with restaurant executives and industry experts from across the EU and the UK. 

It delves into the challenges operators are facing and shows the innovative strategies they’re employing. 

The report is aimed at C-level executives, offering an analysis of the current landscape and a snapshot of the medium-term future. The Restaurant Industry Report 2024 aims to be an invaluable resource and strategic sounding board for leadership in the food service industry.

“Enlightening! The 2024 report shows the forces at play and explains how successful companies are adapting to the changing market.”

Explore the shifts:

The capital markets have increasingly shifted their focus from CAGR to EBITDA margins. The question is: how do we position ourselves to that shift to successfully maintain the growth that we want.

Mads Bentzen

CFO at OLIOLI Poké Bar

2024 Restaurant Industry Report