Menu Engineering Software

Create Popular Menus With Profitable Dishes

Menu engineering software eliminates the guesswork from menu development. The app integrates with your POS system to generate a live menu matrix with actual food costs, sales numbers and margin contributions.

Make your recipes count

Recipes are your core data-set. They fuel all your back of house workflows. With menu engineering software, you can tune them to perfection.

Manage raw materials

One tool that manages all your ingredients and suppliers centrally. Your ingredient data is enriched with allergen, packaging and pricing details. You can assign menus to individual units or roll out group-wide.

Build recipes

Create fully costed and portioned recipes (and sub-recipes) with step-by-step methodologies and dietary info. Tweak to perfection and assign to locations.

Simplify your menu engineering process

All the data you need to develop profitable and popular menus are available and fully calculated in the app. Generate allergen labels and Nutri-scores and put your menus into action via automated bills-of-materials.

Create scalable recipes with reliable yields

Recipes are a restaurant's most valuable asset. Give them star quality with leading menu development software.

Real-time recipe costing

Apicbase aggregates the data and provides an instant recipe and menu cost calculation.

Manage recipes and yield

Engineer your portions. Make the yield per recipe just right. Always hit your menu profit targets.

Production time is key

Add precision to your metrics and SOPs with accurate production timings.

Menu margin calculation

Keep track of product profitability in a the software's menu engineering dashboard. Get notified of underperforming items.

Take shrinkage into account

The devil is in the details. Consider a percentage of ingredient wastage to fine-tune your financials.

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Menu Engineering Made Reliable

With the Apicbase menu engineering tech, restaurant data becomes more than numbers in clunky spreadsheets. It becomes a gateway to decision-making that helps you keep your costs low and your margins high, making menu development a reliable, repeatable and measurable process, as it should be in a modern restaurant group.

Easy to Use Menu Builder

Go through your recipe database and combine dishes into menus with an easy to use menu builder.

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Create Profitable Menus

Make informed decisions based on sales data from your POS system and automated CoGS calculations.

Organise Menu Cycles

All your menus are costed, optimised, enriched with allergen and nutrient information, and securely stored in your menu database — ready for action.

Fuel Your Kitchen Workflows With Bulletproof F&B Data

F&B managers, the supply chain, production planners & menu engineers, all depend on well-tested, well-costed recipes with reliable yields.

Eliminate guesswork. Create profitable menus

Apicbase helps us streamline our back of house operations. It enables us to deliver a consistent product across sites and teams. And we remain in control of CoGS at any given time.

Julian Kirwan

Executive Chef