Food Allergen Management Software

Hassle-Free Monitoring and Communication of Allergens

Food allergen reports and nutritional values are taken care of, so you can focus 100% on quality.

Go on! You’ll save time, optimize workflows,
minimize waste and grow profit.

Our staff feels confident when providing allergen information to customers.

Save hours and sleep soundly: no more manual allergen tracking

Monitoring allergens can be a major headache.

Ingredients, recipes, menus... it never ends, especially for businesses with multiple units.

There is always the fear that an ingredient isn't accounted for, or a staff member hasn't been paying attention.

With allergen management software, the worrying days are over.

All recipes and menus are automatically updated and labelled with allergen information.

It saves time, excludes errors and boosts staff confidence when helping customers.

Upload ingredients and allergens. Cross-check with Official Databases.

Identifying allergens in semi-finished products and other ingredients is a big job but essential for informing customers.

And when 'tomato sauce A' contains celery but 'tomato sauce B' doesn't, things can get tricky, really quick.

Our software makes identifying allergens easy. You only need to upload the ingredient information from your supplier. And you're done.

All recipes and menus are updated and labelled automatically with the allergen information.

If you weren't able to trace the allergen info of a specific product. No worries, you can always cross-check the ingredients with the built-in allergen databases.

Communicate efficiently. No need to send updates.

When it comes to allergen management, flawless communication between HQ and outlets, or managers and staff is vital.

Email or messaging services like Whatsapp and Slack are quick but prone to mistakes.

The email containing new allergen information gets lost, old spreadsheets are still doing the rounds, or a text gets buried under a pile of other messages.

Thanks to Apicbase all recipes are centralised in the cloud, including the allergen information, food costs and more.

Menus are always up to date and accessible anywhere. There is no need to update or send spreadsheets.

Ingredients lists, recipes, menus and user rights can be made specific to locations or kitchen teams.

Restaurant teams are always on the same page, front-of-house and back-of-house.

"Allergen accuracy is 100% and monitoring only takes a couple of minutes"

Offer a Nutri-Score (we've got you covered)

Whether you offer pre-packaged products or takeout meals, one thing is for sure; your audience wants to know what it's getting.

People are health-conscious and expect you to help them make a balanced choice.

The Nutri-score is a label that helps them do that in a quick and easy way with five letters and a colour code.

Unless you are a nutritionist, calculating the Nutri-score for your products isn't an easy feat.

No worries, Apicbase has got you covered.

Based on your recipes and ingredients, our software calculates the nutritional value of recipes, and even entire menus.

Apicbase generates the official Nutri-score and a label that you can print on your products.

Built-in tools make informing customers a breeze

Informing customers about the presence of allergens in food and the risks involved is an important responsibility of hospitality businesses, big and small.

The Apicbase allergen management software has built-in tools to make communicating food allergens easy.

First: FoH-staff can quickly check the allergens on their device, phone or tablet.

Second: printing labels for the BoH or menus requires no more than a click.

Third: a QR-code or a link on your online menu takes customers to a recipe detail page with: ingredients, allergens and nutritional values.

Lastly: thanks to our API your online ordering pages and other apps can update themselves with current information on allergens.

Allergen Information always up to date

Keep online ordering pages, kiosks and other apps up to date

Thanks to our comprehensive API, manually updating kiosks, online ordering pages and digital menus, is a thing of the past.

Your apps connect directly to the Apicbase back-end and update themselves automatically with the most current information.

You never have to copy allergen info from one system to the next, ever again. The same goes for pricing, nutritional values and more.

More reasons to love Apicbase

Professional Restaurant Management Software
Manage Multiple Outlets

Centralize and optimize. Manage multiple outlets in one dashboard and keep track of performance. Attribute menus and recipes to specific outlets.

Accessible Anywhere
Your business at your fingertips. Count inventory on a tablet, look up sales statistics in a meeting or check orders while on the phone with a supplier.
Add Multiple Users
You are in control. Choose which team member has access to what information. Manage data entry and user rights.

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