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Food Allergen Management Software

Hassle-Free Food Allergen Management

Food allergen reports and nutritional values are taken care of, so you can focus 100% on quality.

Never Worry About Allergens Again

Allergens are stored on the ingredient level. Every recipe and menu that you create will have up to date allergen information. Even if you change the ingredients used.

Manage Ingredients

All your ingredients in one place; loaded with allergen and nutrition details. Assign assets to individual outlets or deploy group-wide.

Build Your Recipe Library

Create fully costed and portioned recipes (and sub-recipes) with step-by-step methodologies and dietary info. Allergen and Nutri labels are generated automatically.

Share Allergen Info With Ease

Share allergen information via QR-code or allergen labels, or feed the information into your digital channels via our API.

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Provide full ingredient lists and allergen labelling on prepackages foods prepackaged for direct sale on the premises.

Allergen labels

Our food allergen management software has built-in tools to make communicating food allergens easy.

Educate your staff

Ingredients lists, recipes, menus and user rights can be made specific to locations or kitchen teams.

Offer Nutriscore

Apicbase generates the official Nutri-score and a label that you can print on your products.

Save precious time

Apicbase saves time, excludes errors and boosts staff confidence when helping customers.

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The single source of truth for your F&B operations

Ensure consistency at every site. Everything your teams need to get the job done is available on a single platform, accessible from anywhere.

Add allergen info to ingredients

Add allergens and nutritional values when bulk uploading your supplier's product sheets.

food costing software supplier pricing updates

Compare with official databases

If allergen info is not available, compare ingredients with official allergen databases.

In-depth information integration

Allergen checks and nutritional reports are integrated at every level: ingredient, recipe and menu.

Print labels and create QR codes

Add allergen info to menus and recipes for excellent service. Or print labels to keep staff informed.

Calculate Nutri-score & nutrition values

Calculate the Nutri-Score of your products and generate the label. The Nutri-score is a quick and clear way to give consumers an idea about the nutritional value of your products by using five letters and a colour code.

Feel confident when sharing allergen info with customers.

Apicbase has built-in tools to make communicating food allergens easy.

Save hours and sleep soundly: no more manual allergen tracking

Apicbase helps us streamline our back of house operations. It enables us to deliver a consistent product across sites and teams. And we remain in control of CoGS at any given time.

Julian Kirwan

Executive Chef