Allergen Management Software

Comply with allergen laws and guarantee excellent service

Allergen checks and nutritional value reports are taken care of, so you can focus 100% on food quality.

Go on! You’ll save time, optimize workflows,
minimize waste and grow profit.

Add Allergen Info to Ingredients

Include allergens and nutritional values when bulk uploading your supplier’s product sheets.

Cross-check with Official Databases

If allergen info is unavailable cross-check ingredients with official allergen databases.

Deep Information Integration

Allergen checks and nutritional value reports are integrated on every level: ingredient, recipe and menu.
See how Apicbase improves your workflows
Allergen Information always up to date

Print Labels and Create QR Codes

Add allergen info to menus and recipes for an excellent service. Or print labels to keep staff up to speed.

Calculate the Nutritional Values

All data of ingredients is automatically combined to understand the nutritional value of complete recipes.

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Professional Restaurant Management Software
Manage Multiple Outlets

Centralize and optimize. Manage multiple outlets in one dashboard and keep track of performance. Attribute menus and recipes to specific outlets.

Accessible Anywhere
Your business at your fingertips. Count inventory on a tablet, look up sales statistics in a meeting or check orders while on the phone with a supplier.
Add Multiple Users
You are in control. Choose which team member has access to what information. Manage data entry and user rights.

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