How to Calculate Inventory PAR Levels

Tight inventory management is crucial to the profitability of any restaurant business, but it’s especially important for multi-outlet businesses, where mistakes and small discrepancies are multiplied many times over. If you’re uncertain about how much of each item you need to order, purchasing becomes an anxiety-inducing nightmare. But when you have reliable inventory information and […]

Navigating Tough Times—How The Buying Power Of A GPO And The Efficiency Of Inventory Software Is Helping Restaurants  

Running a profitable restaurant, dark kitchen, or corporate catering operation has become increasingly difficult. With rising inflation, it’s become harder for businesses to achieve and maintain profitability without cutting corners or sacrificing quality. The cost of ingredients and other materials has gone up, making it necessary for restaurateurs to find creative ways to adjust their […]

Inventory Turnover Ratio & Days’ Sales in Inventory – The Two Restaurant Inventory Metrics That Will Help You Squash Food Cost & Maximize Profits

inventory turnover ratio for restaurants

Whether you make it or break it ultimately depends on how expertly you can control your food cost. Whether you’re managing a chain of exclusive restaurants… a dozen hotel eateries… or an award-winning catering service… And how expertly you control food costs ultimately comes down to how expertly you control your food inventory. That’s why, […]

5 Restaurant Inventory Challenges That Are Costing You Money (Keep an Eye On #4)

Restaurant inventory mistakes

Restaurant inventory challenges are the Gordian knot that almost all restaurant operators struggle with — they’re what keeps even the most experienced owners, F&B managers and chefs up at night, often more so than staff training, admin, or menu engineering. You hack away at them but, try as you might, you just can’t get your […]

5 Restaurant Inventory Best Practices That Will Help You Run A Successful Operation

Start running a successful and profitable operation by adopting some well-known (and some top-secret) restaurant inventory best practices. They might take some getting used to but work at them until they start to feel like a second skin to you and your staff. And then watch in amazement as something complex, daunting, and time-consuming turns […]