Restaurant Food Waste Management — How Smart Operators Drive Down Food Waste & Costs

restaurant food waste management

According to a ReFED report from 2018, in the US, the foodservice industry generates around 11.4 million tonnes of restaurant food waste per year, which translates to $25 billion. In the UK, restaurant food waste clocks in at about one million tonnes (that’s £682 million). Both numbers are so mind-numbingly huge that they almost mean […]

5 Restaurant Inventory Challenges That Are Costing You Money (Keep an Eye On #4)

Restaurant inventory mistakes

Restaurant inventory challenges are the Gordian knot that almost all restaurant operators struggle with — they’re what keeps even the most experienced owners, F&B managers and chefs up at night, often more so than staff training, admin, or menu engineering. You hack away at them but, try as you might, you just can’t get your […]

5 Restaurant Inventory Best Practices That Will Help You Run A Successful Operation

Start running a successful and profitable operation by adopting some well-known (and some top-secret) restaurant inventory best practices. They might take some getting used to but work at them until they start to feel like a second skin to you and your staff. And then watch in amazement as something complex, daunting, and time-consuming turns […]

Coronavirus: what to do with inventory when your restaurant has to close down suddenly?

coronaviris voorraad restaurant

The measures to contain the effects of the coronavirus are drastic. Schools are closing, cultural institutions are shutting down, and events are being cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In Belgium, France and many other European countries, restaurants and other hospitality businesses are forced to close down. It is likely that food businesses […]